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Hootie(425) pic

"Yeahhhh... I'm a Six Gun Lover. A Candle In The Wind...."

We all know this is what Amarel sings to himself in the shower, while he caresses his tools.

Isn't that right tough guy? 



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Jewish Bon Jovi

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Hey, fuck-face(s);- Nomshit, Tootie, Jody and all the rest of your schizophrenic gang of misfits, that record has been played to death, lift the top of your head and take it off the turntable.

When lock-down ends in Limy-land go out and buy another disc.

But in the meantime learn some new tricks for fuck sake you useless fucking bastard.

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His bitch probably pleads β€œ please don’t take your guns to town β€œ I hope he has a sense of humour as he must realise everyone quakes in their boots at what a tough guy he is πŸ˜‚

BTW is he still denying he’s a Jew?

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Hi Jody/Hootie/Nomshit))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))000000000000000000000

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