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You pick up a novel: Fiction or Non-Fiction?

People can tell me about their day for non-fiction.  Send me to another world for a while in a fiction.


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People don't want reality, people want entertainment ;)

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People can tell me about their day for non-fiction. Send me to another world for a while in a fiction.

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Practically every entertaining novels are works of fiction.

Perhaps the right choices should be "Fantasy" or "Slice of Life"

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Read the book, "Rage -" Steven King. It's my favorite book i have came across. He composed the bachman books at the age of 18. Rage is one of the four compilations in that book. Also the long walk from steven king is great as well.

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I read a lot of fiction, mostly to escape the boredom of anything real. Also, because I write fiction myself. I read non-fiction when a new interest appears and I want to learn more about it.

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non fiction sometimes gets tooooo serious... fction is better :)

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I tend to pick up Fiction vs. Non-Fiction. I recently read "Go Set a Watchman" in just one day and enjoyed this book tremendously.

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It brings me back to reality.

I have enough fiction going on in my brain cavity as it is.

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Why am I not surprised there isn't a lot of reality going on in your own brain cavity!

Read a book!

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