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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Pokémon Card Game
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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game V.S. Pokémon Card Game

This debate is solely for the respective trading cards. Not the video games or movies or shows.

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

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Pokémon Card Game

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I don't play anymore, but I always enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh! better.

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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"I don't play anymore, but I always enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh! better."

Same here.

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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Yu-Gi-Oh! ROCKS!! I have like 3,000 cards, including like 300 rares! Yu-Gi-Oh is a lot better because I can play the game and understand ATK and DEF better than the symbols on Pokemon! So, YUGIOH ROCK ON!

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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I enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards they are one of the best card games to play. I have the original Kaiba deck!

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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I have to say, Pokemon was great, but I preferred Yu-Gi-Oh. Probably because I could play Pokemon on the gameboy etc, so I had a substitute for it when I didn't have anyone to play with, but also, so many more of my friends had Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and my deck was I loved destroying people at it ^.^

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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Yugioh is the best because there is a variation of what the cards do. yugioh has effect monsters which makes the game much more interesting. pokemon has "dig 1o damge." "shoot 5o damage." boooring!!!

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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yu gi oh is simpler and there are more cards. you never know what you opponents play. i think that Pokemon is more popular because the show despects it not being an actual card game.

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

Yugioh seems more natural to me.

I know it's not about the shows but I use the show as a reference point.

In the show there are cards, so in the cardgame nothing is new.

For pokemon there is monsters so a card game is sort of a perversion.

Side: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game
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I had both cards but I definitely preferred Pokemon. It was easier for me to understand and I was better at it. Lol

Side: Pokémon Card Game
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I love Pokemon cards because, for me, they are so much more nostalgic, though only the original 100 are cool.

Side: Pokémon Card Game
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Pokemon cards are slight cheaper this is why I prefer Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Side: Pokémon Card Game