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Th human race has the potential to do great good and in the same breath to be incredibly selfish and destructive.

As the dominant species we have a long way to go before we can truly call ourselves "beings" until then we will remain just animals, with some making life difficult while others try to improve our existence

We are a complex organism that is still trying to evolve and may continue to do so forever because there are forces at work that are incompatible with peaceful co-existence within our species, with other species and the planet itself and that may never change.

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The quality of being humane is in fact only parental instinct and kindness/concern for others. These behaviors are not unique and can be observed in elephants, primates, wolves, prairie dogs and many other mammals.

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Does any other animal care so much about the treatment of their own food ?

... sucks.

Well humanity is on a decline;The human race has disintegrated with one superior group and another suppressed;racial intolerance,prejudices due top caste,religion have been a major factor.Even after 3000 or more years of evolution,sex-inequality is ravaging plenty of societies,biased and corrupt people are spoiling not only the name of their state but on a whole of that of Humanity.

We'll be around for some time...