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Dante756's Reward Points: 77

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should the Founding Fathers have pushed for the abolishment of the slave trade?
2 Added Argument Was the Islamic prophet a pedophile?
2 Added Argument Proof that Hitler was a liberal.
1 Added Argument Do we need a woman president or not
2 Created Debate Are police dogs racist?
1 Added Argument Who will win?
2 Added Argument Is the United States the greatest nation on earth?
2 Added Argument Muslim Logic Has Been Found
3 Added Argument Crazy Bernie Speechless On Socialism's Failures
2 Added Argument Obama just threatened public schools to allow so called Transgender kids in bathrooms.
2 Added Argument The arrogance from those on the Left and LGBT activists with their double standards.
1 Added Argument American Slaves
1 Added Argument Do women and men have an inverse "like appeal" as they become more successful?
1 Created Debate This meme accurate
1 Added Argument Should I register as a Democrat or as a Republican?
2 High Rated Argument Should Junk Food Be Banned From Schools?
1 Added Argument What is wrong with liberals?
1 Added Argument Who would make the best president?
3 Added Argument If a Child is born a biological boy, but then thinks he is a girl, which do we believe?
5 Created Debate Is White Privilege Real?
1 Added Argument What issues are important to Democrats & Repubicans?
5 Added Argument Are women finally equal to men?
2 Added Argument Has Hillary started her N.C. bashing yet. She can't get through a speech without LBGT plug
1 Added Argument Should internet be censored?

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