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dropigy's Reward Points: 230

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate What are your views on politics in general?
5 Created Debate what is the meaning of life?
1 Created Debate ping or pong which is the more significant thing?
1 Created Debate Why do people laugh when they are happy?
1 Added Argument Which is worse, mental or physical torture?
1 Added Argument Other than humans, are there animals that are dishonest?
1 Added Argument Is evolution supported by scientific fact?
1 Added Argument The secret to getting lots of points.
1 Added Argument Do we actually have free choice?
1 Added Argument Does individuality really exist?
1 Added Argument Can birds fly?
1 Created Debate why is the grass yellow
1 Created Debate why is the sky grey
5 Created Debate is life worth living?
5 Created Debate is this even a debate?
5 Created Debate Can birds fly?
1 Added Argument Executive English Solutions Chile
1 Added Argument Which is funnier: Robot Chicken vs Llamas With Hats
2 Added Argument Proof that God has no gender.
3 Added Argument What is the use of anger?
3 Added Argument Do you agree to the idea of a world government?
1 Added Argument If there weren't any religions, would there have been less wars in history?
6 Added Argument Life does not get better by chance - life gets better by choosing change.
1 Added Argument A King James Bible or The Book of Mormon?

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