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10 most recent arguments.

niot necessarly nuke them because they are to small of counrty and the radiation would kill others in different countries but deffintly blow them up with differnetn missels and mortars

you never hear about bombings in other counrties when something like the boston bombing hapened and people were sent to hospitals right away in the east you dont get to hear .... if they were soilders then we should thank them for their service and sacrfice

have you ever heard of the vietnamies... they tortured usa soilders... played with there mind and beat them physically

when america enters war you usaully has to do with freedom our current wars are nation building those can`t be couinted as wars we won them in a few years but when we commit all out war other countries are Fd

do what you love who cares about the pay if you are doing whast you love then you want have to spend money to entertian yourself

2 points

bring back all the dinosours if possible.. spinosours train it ..... hello north korea

i do and dont it just seems more reasonable not to .. people with the money can pay the extra ten thousand dollar tax

the world has been cooling and warming since the begenning of time so it is the only reson there is the possiblity of blobal warming its naturally cuased humans might help out a very small fraction

it sounds like me and your friend that do alot of durgs get along pretty well.... just kidding kcick his ass and send him to rehab

you really really really want to know what makes me tick..... the whole damn world

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Winning Position: How was the Universe created
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