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1 point

popcorn tastes like shit' looks like warts' and everytime u eat a piece of popcorn, YOU KILL A KITTEN! SHAME ON YOU POPCORN eaters!! NASTY!

1 point

This "END OF THE WORLD`scenerio is all just away to keep the SHEEPLE looking one way...while the real stuff is going on the other way...Wait until all those people get SUPER DEPRESSED after they find out the world didnt end....ONLY to finally realize that THERE ECONOMIES ARE TOAST, WAR HAS NEVER BEEN So close like now, Syria and chemical weapons, Egypt uprisings, Libya, Congo, Iran and the persian gulf, MASSIVE HURRICANES and TYPHOONS, THE ICECAPS are melting 5x faster than predicted, FLOODING Coatal cities WORLDWIDE...(which is how we get oil and food food from PORTS and DOCKS,,Which will be gone soon).

BEST OF LUCK IN 2013....U WILL NEED IT. FOOD AND GAS ARE RISING which means OIL is becoming more scarce. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

Supporting Evidence: chemical weapons syria( JUST LIKE Adolf Hitler!!!!) (
1 point


1 point

ASSAD IS ONLY PROTECTING HIS COUNRTY. THE STATES are the ones that pass the guns and rockets to "THE REBELS". In my opinion, AMERICA NEEDS TO GET THERE ASSES STOMPPED ON. IF I WERE A GIANT. I WOULD SHIT on OBAMA and put HILARY CLINTON and STEVEN HARPER IN ASS and CRUSH EVERY BANK. HAVE a great day. oh, buy the you ever even think about how you get every little thing have??? OIL... AMERICA KILLs FOR OIL. EVEN CHILDREN...and here at home, WE attack each other and put each other in jail, and lust for items and murder each other for it.....ALL BECAUSE OF OIL....NEVER FORGET IT. ASSAD IS THE GOOD GUY,,...Chemical weapons or not. PERIOD................................................................................................I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!!

3 points

OK FIRST., Before we point fingers, we must first look into our history as AMERICANS(Canada and Europe too). WE NEED OIL TO SUSTAIN THE WAY WE LIVE IN OUR MAGICAL WORLD. No oil, no grocery stores, gas, vehicles , no computers, cell phones, houses and every little thing that you , sorry, WE, own and use that you would even think it matters cause your a WESTERN ZOMBIE. We as AMERICANS should be ashammed of of ourselves... WE KILL EACH OTHER, WE PUT EACH OTHER IN JAIL, WE FINE AND SUE EACH OTHER, We have seen corruption in our homes, workplaces, and and the worst our GOVERMENT.

EVERY WAKING DAY YOU WAKE UP AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR WORK(or so you think).,,WE ARE Fueling the war machine that is the DEVIL. To SERVE AND PROTECT...HA!..i havent needed help from those PRIKS EVER!.. Yet taxes, food, gas prices soar....people are protesting...look at the EURO-ZONE, look at the FISCAL CLIFF... THE Rich get RICHER, THE POOR...well who cares? RIGHT? THATS THE FUCING ATTITUDES 95% of us have now a days.

BASHAR AL ASSAD has the right to protect his country! ISRAEL just did the same thing a week ago with GAZA...saying' we can defend ourselvew from foriegn intervention.'....THERE U HAVE IT! Our governments have a plan...if you pay attention you would realize... LOOK WHERE ALL THE WAR AND FIGHTING HAS BEEN THE PAST 50 years atleast. THE MIDDLE EAST... OK, now, LOOK AT THE ROUTE OUR OIL TANKERS NEED TO TAKE HOME TO " refill the economic tank". ....They go in between europe and north africa(MEDITERRANEAN SEA), down through the RED SEA, out the GULF of ADEN, through the STRAIGHT of HORMUZ, and comes out of SAUDI ARABIA from the PERSIAN GULF.

If you slide your finger along this route...look at tall the countries going under lately...GADAFFII in EYGPT, and its still in trouble, LIBYA, SOMMALLI, IRAQ, SYRIA, ISRAEL, TURKEY, IRAN, LEBANON, GAZA, GREECE, ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN!!!!! WAKE THE FU*K UP!!! AMERICA , EUROPE, Hell, we need this war! We STARTED THIS 'WAR', Tecnically, We provoke and attack, so, didn't we "BOMB THOSE CHILDREN , not ASSAD?" RUSSIA, CHINA, and NORTH KOREA 100% back BASARD AL ASSAD.! thanks for reading!!! I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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