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RSS Juggla67

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3 points

Why do Christians oppose religious liberty rights? How many Christian parents do you think let their kids choose another religion?

1 point

I know the fact that liberal socialists

That's an oxymoron. Liberals are capitalists, social democrats are capitalists who want tight corporate regulation and a welfare state, and socialists are the ones who want no market economy and collective ownership of the means of production. Do you see the very clear difference between those three things? Do you see how each one is more left wing than the last and there is a big fat "social democracy" separating liberalism and socialism? Do you need a diagram or are we good? Look up the definitions if you doubt me.

You don't have the right to free things.

People who are born into wealth don't have the right to free things. People who own assets and collect money without working don't have the right to free things. I don't see why you have a problem with everyone getting free things when you seem cool with a few people getting EVERYTHING for free while there are homeless people starving in the streets.

1 point

Conservatives invented money, because a value exchange is needed for a free market. Liberals take people's hard earned money.

You are wrong on so many levels. "Conservative" means you are in favor of the status quo, which would technically make American conservatives Liberals since another word for capitalists was LIBERALS and the word "liberal" as an ideology was first used to describe Republican Capitalists. The ones who invented money were farmers and hunter/gatherers from the middle east who didn't know what the fuck capitalism or a republic even is.

"Liberals" do take people's hard earned money, both in the form of taxation and the theft that occurs when a business owner takes 90% of the value produced by the worker. I believe in the radical notion that neither of those things should happen.

0 points

I don't agree that capitalists are to blame.

That's because you're stupid. The state isn't forcing them to jack up prices on life saving medicines, it's the profit motive doing that. What in the name of fuck makes you think corporations care about anything other than money?

it is because we have a give me welfare state that drives up the cost of healthcare

You don't know what you're talking about, you are an idiotic parrot that gets your talking points from corporate shills. Without regulation these companies would jack up prices even higher and countries with more welfare rank higher on the quality of life index and have cheaper medicine.

0 points

Yep, they jack up the prices because profit matters more than life to the capitalist. They deserve to be stabbed directly in the penis hole with a needle filled with arsenic.

0 points

Christianity, like all religions, is a blight on the human psyche and an echo of more primitive times.

1 point

We are discussing God and religion

Then why are you using politically loaded terminology like "hate speech". I am the leftist here, but you are the one being a snowflake. Go figure.

0 points

Hate speech.

Look who's acting like a little SJW snowflake the second someone talks bad about their imaginary friend that no one should be expected to respect.

0 points

The Bible says witchcraft is evil, and idolatry.

In this grimoire given to me by a witch, it says God is attracted to little boys. It must be true because it's in the book.

1 point

WHAT?! They have no right or basis to pay allegience to a foreign government. That is treason.

Every time Chinaman makes a debate, it's a completely made up story that came from his very own foul little mind. Go ahead an google this, or any of his other debates, you will see it is nowhere to be found in any real news source including the corporate propaganda outlets you call "news".

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