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RSS Logicalend23

Reward Points:3
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3 points

Hey stop looking at my legs...should we decide...that any 1 type of person should b denied an education/knowledge only based upon fear of said group gaining knowledge................mmmmmmmmmm truly seek knowledge is to question everything..u have learned and to then prove what was wrong in their teachings

2 points

They...those omnipresent beings you so speak of..could care less...except when its voting time...they only exesits because we gave them power...y cant there b a place for tracking our ....True voice's!!!!

-1 points

/w===---....,wat...r u kidding me..fags..mmmm yes u must be right..they want the complete over throw of our society

2 points

God....who created him/her...........If to be human is 2 error..then GOD is fallabile..Gods were created to control human civialization/coupling... the need to explain or divine the meaing of life.......your god it wrong

1 point

Hmm.... did anyone think of using the moons gravitational effects on our oceances....wait yes they did.....capturing...measurable force..converted into power, the tidal flows will allow us to forgoe our dependence on oil.. and yes there will be another we progress towards an optimal efficencey..that is static and continual

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About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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