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RSS Rhyme

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You are literally delusional.

You are literally subhuman.

Rhyme(125) Clarified
0 points

You obviously don't like democracy

If the general population was actually intelligent and educated I wouldn't have a problem with it.

This is a Constitutional Republic. A democracy

Do you even understand what democracy means?

you don't seem to believe

I don't believe in it because it's not real. America is not a democracy by your own admission.

I only call you an immature idiot when you ACT like one

You don't seem to comprehend or notice anything I say unless I am trolling, at which point you take the opportunity to insult me. When I am serious I get no worthwhile response so the only thing this site is good for is as something to troll when bored.

That kind of crap has destroyed this website.

What has truly destroyed this website is the people who spew mis/disinfo and rehash the same tired subjects again and again. I am bored and sick of the people here, and my antics are a symptom of the destruction rather than the cause. Give me one good reason I shouldn't flood the site with whatever I want, when I am given the same treatment whether I am 100% serious or I am deliberately trying to be as vulgar and offensive as possible.

I'm not judging you

You can't avoid judging people, to do that you would have to shut your brain off completely. The problem is when you judge people poorly. I am not stupid or immature, I am very intelligent but also a nutcase and a massive douche bag. Maturity is an on-off thing for me and if you really knew me you would know I am capable of being both mature and immature to an extreme depending on which I feel like being.

your hate for the country I live in and support.

Let's forget emotional things like love and hate for a minute. We both know America has it's pros and cons and that it is not this static unchanging thing, the question is whether or not America is actually a democracy and whether or not the establishment generally has the best interests of the people at heart. The answer in both cases is objectively no and until you can at least entertain that notion without telling me to "get out" and going on a big spiel about how America is wonderful and I'm just a big fat America hater if I disagree it looks like you're the immature one. It is easy to call someone immature when they act that way on purpose, but when they are dead serious and so are you but you are the one resorting to these types of arguments what does that say about you?

I think you SHOULD find another that you DO agree with.

I don't agree with any, and you shouldn't either. Humanity has not yet achieved anything like what I would call the most optimal yet still viable system.

1 point

All we can do is use our freedom to work for companies that more closely share our values.

In capitalism, we should all be free to work for ourselves right?

Competition for good workers is the only thing that will drive change.

The ONLY thing?

1 point

I'm simply not going to demonize a person for being rich

I never said you should demonize a person for being rich. I said you should be skeptical of a bunch of rich people who have a FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to deny climate change telling you to deny climate change.

1 point

You will lump them all the same.

All millennials are stupid

All Democrats support 100% unrestricted abortion up to birth

All atheists are immoral and hate christians

All rich people are good, honest and hard working

These are just a few of the things you've insinuated or directly said.

1 point

If you were not so brainwashed, you would be a Conservative, because Conservatives believe in SMALLER Government!

Smaller than what? The conservative government we already have? I would love to have a smaller government than the conservative one we already have, the problem is it's already conservative. Do I need to become a DOUBLE conservative or something?

We understand that Politicians are corrupt

But you don't understand that corporations are corrupt. I understand that BOTH are corrupt.

Why do you think Socialists, Communists, and dictators alike, first take our guns?

They usually give the guns first, because that's how armed revolutions work.

You must be a Millennial not to get it.

Judging people based on age is ignorant. There are plenty of old fools and young smart people.

0 points

I have read your words many times, which is exactly why I almost never read them. Based on what I read, I deemed it too insane to read more of very often.

Rhyme(125) Clarified
0 points

I would say only that, that's the way it SHOULD be!

The sad part is that as long as there are laws, there are people in power. As long as there are people in power, there is a group who's interests will inevitably conflict with the people who they have power over, and since they are the ones who make the laws there will always be a legal system that favors the authority over the civilian. There is no escape because when there is law you are held by the balls, yet when there is no law there is chaos. The best that can be hoped for is balance, for you will never fully eliminate corruption OR chaos.

Eventually, if we survive the current mess in Washington, we can work on that.

Washington doesn't want to work on it. They want to create a scenario that creates the maximum amount of benefit for corporations and politicians while only keeping the people happy enough not to overthrow or resist them.

Every American should be appalled and feel undermined by this "duly elected" disgrace! :-(

There has never been a duly elected president. Each has been selected by corporate and political interests and the "democracy" part is just for show. Even with the small amount of democracy that we have it is basically nothing because the opinion of the voter is more often than not decided for them by the propaganda they consume. Either way, democracy and bureaucracy are both inherently flawed beyond redemption. The only way to achieve a truly "duly elected" scenario is if the leader could be decided by an algorithm or something rather than any set of individuals, otherwise people's opinions and interests will conflict with what actually works and benefits everyone.

1 point

Real women

A woman is an adult female human, any other criteria ascribed is arbitrary and based on opinions and/or culture rather than objective reality.

don't allow men to buy them.

That's not what prostitution is. Prostitution is when you are being payed to have sex with someone. If a massage therapist takes money to massage someone, does that mean they themselves are being bought? No, obviously not. So what makes prostitution that way in your mind, the fact that it is sexual and sex is scary and immoral unless God says otherwise? Who are you, FW?

1 point

Prostitution is rape culture and slavery

A woman deciding to do it on her own means she is being raped and enslaved? Could have fooled me. What about male prostitutes?

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