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RSS Shack

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1 point

No it is not. It is a matter between three parties, namely, the expectant woman, the father-to be, and the unborn baby. Someone must speak up for the fetus and I note fromwithin is in here fighting the corner for the unborn babies. The doctor is incidental.

2 points

As the Democrats know they've no chance of winning the next election in a straight fight they have concentrated all their formidable firepower on securing an impeachment. Trump has swatted these irritants off like flies and proceeded with the vital function of running the country.

1 point

This article has given birth to 'The Freedom to Clap Society'' whose members are demanding the right to clap at funerals, human disasters and climate change.

1 point

I can see the point you're trying to make but in doing so you're overlooking the fact that knife crime in England and Wales resulted in 285 deaths in 2018. Personally I would not describe such a number as ''the odd killer or two'', nor would I dare portray them in this manner to the victim's relations and friends.

1 point

You were the same person after resuscitation as you were before your temporary demise. Same person, same life, same sentence.

1 point

I agree. This is the best example of how increased gun control would be useless. If the people of violence want to murder and maim they will always find a means of doing so.

1 point

If the loony left (as you call them) have created legal loopholes through which criminals can escape justice then they should jump through them waving their knickers.

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