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1 point

I don't think people should smoke. Here are the Pros and the Cons


Children watch people smoke. And than gets influenced that if other smoke they may think it is ok to do the same. So it may be a bad influence

It can lead to asthma. Like second hand smoke when. When people smoke around children, we inhale it and it goes to our lungs which is not very good.

It is rude. People just smoke in front of your face. They don't care if it is a child with asthma they just go around smoking.

It is harmful to your body


The only one I could think of is that it helps decrease the chance of deceases.

If I am wrong correct me, but not in a rude way. I think people should not smoke.

1 point

Like said in my other arguments the news persuades people to think a certain way but mainly doesn't bring sides. They than later on persuade people that ''oh this child has been playing call of duty for a hour and caused a crime'' you see there is no proof to what they are saying but just only assumptions. They then blame that a game minecraft which caused a boy to bring a gun to school. And than the boy confessed and later on he lied about the game causing violence. School shootings are not the reason why it is the parents fault dude. Basically school shootings are caused by mental illness and if a child with a ill plays a game, it is not the game's fault but it is the players fault. They could get their skills from video game and their outline but they are not influenced to.

1 point

Studies have failed to prove that video games cause crime and blames it for bullying. Some parents think that all video games cause our world crime. The studies about video games causing crime have no proof about it and basically has no clear evidence to why or what happened. Video games may show wrong, but can be helpful in cases. Oh please, if you think video games cause crime you think that TV causes crime. Also explain this, if a video game causes crime why is it that most of the kids in my class are not going on a homicide rampage? If it does cause crime I need hard solid evidence because right now there is no hard evidence. There is only claims without proof.


Video games can be helpful. Just watch, take away all video games in this world and you'll see how crime may increase and crime wont decrease. Scientist who are against this fail to connect video games to real world violence. Like said before you must be a really big idiot if you think games cause crime just because a boy get aggressive after playing call of duty. If a child has been playing a game and causes a crime they must have had a illness before they played the game. Matter a fact there has been a juvenile decrease in crime.

1 point

Dude I type fast and sometimes auto correct makes it misspelled. And it doesn't matter because it is just one simple spelling mistake, not everyone is good at something. I am not good at grammar anyway.

1 point

Picking your nose and placing a booger in your mouth wont do anything. Licking the ground can cause some problems. The ground is dirty.It is like your licking the bottom of your shoe

1 point

The guy telling me to shut my mouth when you have been talking through out this whole debate on your side

1 point

You don't know that do you??!! :P All people hear for your arguments is "blah blah blah blah blah blah." :P

All I hear from you is a complaint about someone else's argument rather than to complain about yours. And if you cant read my argument does not say blah blah blah

1 point

What is so wrong with public the only thing wrong is the homework and some of the bullies and some teachers bore the kids that's kinda it

1 point

You cant give proof but your asking another member that their proof is correct. Also how would you exactly know that the guy you mentioned is correct??? You have not even gave any burden of the proof but fails

2 points

I believe in the mighty ruler god and all the things made by him and his hands!!!!

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Winning Position: Not all the time
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Winning Position: Anime
Tied Positions: No Aang could beat naruto vs. Of course naruto will win

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