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RSS Hazeleyes95

Reward Points:12
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1 point

as long as you don't get down and dirty it's fine. I mean when you 20 and he's 24 nobody would care. Honestly if you are a reponsable person and you know what you are doing, then why not.

1 point

I guess I'm part of the minority but I love cats mainly because of my cat. She isn't lazy, she acts like a dog actually. Anyway everytime I'm sick or upset, she comes around meows and licks my hand haha. All my dog did was pee on the carpet and eat my french project. I love her though. But yeah, I love my kitty :)

1 point

as hard as it can be sometimes, yes. in a long run it will save alot of trouble. plus trust is a really hard thing to earn back once you lost it

0 points

uh im sorry my answer didn't meet your standerds. i know it's a debate. i did participate by writing my opinion and i didnt say why because i couldnt think of how to say it. so once again i apologize for totally offending life as we know it. i didnt know how big of a deal it was

0 points

instead odf beating around the bush im gunna come right out and say wait to have sex

2 points

no let me explain:

if you close ur eyes and hold two different hands from two different races they feel the same.

if two people from two different races lose a loved one they both cry

we are all people with differences no matter if its skin color or hair color or gender or age or size. we have the same hopes and dreams and likes and feelings.

1 point

one major point here: childbirth. while the men sit on the sidelines waitin for u to just pop the sucker out so they can watch the sabres game lol

4 points

of course who am i to judge people. its their choice and isnt effecting anyone else. i mean lets say when a girl was young a man did something bad to her and after that she was afraid to be with another guy. so what...shes never supposed to be happy again with someone because we think its not "normal" or whatever. i mean we are so used to what is natural we forget that the normal way of living isnt the only way of living.

1 point

yes and i felt nothing and i did nothing. it was her choice to move on so who was i to stop her. of course i felt pretty betrayed at first but now its just like i dont need someone like that in my life.

1 point

nims island or charlie and the chocolate factory. the first of my choices was just a straight up bad movie and the 2nd was also very stupid like really i think i got a cavity just from watching it

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About Me

"i your basic girl next door. im pretty independent and dont care about the stupid drama that happens in high school or with friends. i dont give in to fit anyones standerds or whatever and if you have a problem with me your not worth my time. i love to dance and i hate akward silences becuase all i do is make them more awkward and knock something over. haha but thats me."

Biographical Information
Name: brittany 
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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