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RSS Kaidon

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

ok think about this then: god is outside human logic. if human logic is not enough to understand reality, then debating the existence of god is pointless. it is because of human logic that we arrive at the concept of god.

1 point

youll find in life that some people are born with a good brain, some with a bad is nothing more than a shitty game of cards.

1 point

this is for the person who called me ''an ignorant assumption maker''. god is not real because ive been struggling with mental health issues for the past 4 years. ive had voices tell me, ''im worthless, i should die.''god is not real because ive had images in my head of being drowned by my father as a baby when in fact nothing of the sort ever happened. we are alone in this world. there is no eternal paradise. the quicker you learn and accept that, the easier life will be.

1 point

you seem to know alot.i can also tell ya that christianity is built on the foundations of old age pagan and hellenistic belief systems.

1 point

absolutely correct. religion is the best way to have reasons for madness. as someone else so eloquently put it: where will god go to hide from the fatal harbinger that is logic, rationality, and scientific understanding?

1 point

well why the hell not? people have made up all sorts of ridiculous fantasy creatures like unicorns,elves and fairies. cant people be happy and awe struck by the mere power of nature itself instead of holding onto 2000 year old superstitions? you claim atheists only use ''observational evidence'' to ''prove''things. sorry but thats just the way reality works.

1 point

if god exists why is there so much suffering and bad in the world?

1 point

if you think about it belief in god is a simple mistake of forethought and judgement,most people think "of course he exists,''. but then you run into a problem.if god exists,can you prove it. actually i have info from another site that states:if you believe in god then your probably in denial and suffer from ''wishful thinking''. see,if god exists, he must be perfect,right? well problem is well, many different things. you cannot simply group people into plain ''good'' and ''bad'' and send group one to heaven and group 2 to hell. people dont work like that. ive met people who have horrible mental problems and who have ''evil thoughts'' but theyd never act on them.

2 points

hey whats up wanna talk or debate or somethin?:)vfkbvibghb

1 point

very well spoken,finally someone who thinks outside the box, along with all my other fellow atheist debaters.he he he, that sounds funny:)

Winning Position: god is not real

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