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RSS Nadira

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I take the view that animals extinction depends on both of these factors. Humans are guilty, because for centuries we exterminate defenseless animals for our purposes every day and we don't feel sad about it! The Evolution kills species too. It's like with dinosaurs. So I think that in the end everyone and everything will die!

1 point

I take the view that suicide is the act of cowardice, because you are simply avoiding all your problems instead of solving them. Besides, what about your family, friends and other close people? you don't think about them, about their feelings and you just hurt them!

1 point

I love rock very much, but it isn't the only right music. Every man to his taste.

1 point

I take the view that TV is better, because there are a lot of news on the Internet that could be fiction, while on TV we can see some evidences.

nadira(12) Clarified
1 point

yes, of course it will be hard, but if we don't try, we will never know how it is! I take the view that we should always try something new, we should live like today is our last day and then our life could become more interesting and exciting!

1 point

Education abroad is better, because:

1. job opportunity (students who studied abroad are more cultural aware)

2. studying abroad is the best way to learn foreign languages

3. it happens that sometimes alma-matres abroad are better and stronger than in motherland

Besides, it is more interesting! You can travel, learn something new or meet somebody new!

By the way, in some countries education for foreighners is free!

2 points

According to wiki Progress - is developing in terms of science, technology, modernization, etc. Therefore we can clearly see that wars really contribute to progress, because almost all technologies that we use now were created for military purposes (radio, phones, computers, transistor, radar wich was transformed into microwave oven). Besides, in wartime were created a lot of vaccines against some diseases which previously were not curable (pneumococcal pneumonia, typhus, etc)

Winning Position: Suicide is the act of ...?

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