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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

JakeJ, i think you're a bit nitpicky. He did everything right.

1 point

Well he has to talk, because if you don't people will make assumptions rather than seeing things for how they really are. that is not something you want done to a president. You have to let people know what you are doing. Obama is doing everything right...

1 point

However, he isn't a purely black president. I think you are forgetting that. He is a half white, half black president...

3 points

It was just in 1994 when black people were allowed to run for president in South Africa and the aparthid was ended. Obama is a big step, however, people are still waiting for him to screw up.

3 points

It is only in Canada and America where it seems as if it is getting better. However, if you go to the middle east, india or china or even Russia you see how things really are. Obama is just a small step for educated black fokes. Now he has to prove it to the people. Statistically, black people still are not doing well... however, it is better than 1970, when they were throwing stones at a bus of black fokes when they started to allow them into the Universities.

1 point

Condoms and my penis...

However the condoms would be optional, personally I think choking penis's with plastic covers is a cruel thing to do...

3 points

McCain. America is too stupid to realize how much of a danger he is. He almost failed University! <- here he says it himself.

This is ridiculous.

1 point

Supply is not meeting demand.

1 point

It is the only way for a Democrat to win. This is because they will get all the democrat votes.

There is no way that Obama can win alone.

2 points

She was doing what she had to win.

If she had won, that would have shown that it wasnt time for Obama to take the stage.

Since Hillary didnt win, she is acting extremely humbly.

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