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RSS What12

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

kids can be spoiled. In fact most of them are. take a parent. ask him if his kids are spoiled. 90% will say yes. 5% will change the subject. 3% will walk away. Only about 2% will say no and mean it.

1 point

no. Crazy people like me will never get anyone. Even if i meet someone crazy who likes me, I'm hazardous

1 point

Shoot, Palpatine would kill you if he knew you wrote that. And heck so would president snow

2 points

Palpatine. Chancellor or emperor, he is the worst. Big no no if you meet him. you might actually die. that is why Palpatine is the greatest super villian

1 point

everyone know that the x wing will beat the millennium falcon any day. Especially when Luke and R2-D2 pilot

1 point

no because everyone can choose what they want to play. three cheers for call of duty advanced warfare

1 point

thats true, but kinda need more context clues. but batmans cool

1 point

i'll say batman. he doesn't have superpowers and sometimes is glad about it.

2 points

elmo can at least show fun, while barney just sings.

a b c d e f g, barney is my enemy. stick a rifle up his nose. pull the trigger, watch him blow. a b c d e f g, barney is my enemy

1 point

they are both stupid and crazy, but i would rather go for selena because lady gaga dresses crazy too.

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Tied Positions: x wing vs. millennium falcon
Winning Position: who's better? Batman, superman, flash, or wonderwoman.
Winning Position: elmo
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: selena gomez

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