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welfare class of dependents who think they are entitled to another man's wages

That's literally capitalism you backwards imbecile. A bunch of people go to work for the owner of a company, he pockets the profit from their work, then pays them compensation at a relative return of a dollar for every hundred he himself makes.

How is anybody supposed to have a reasonable discussion with you when you are arguing that up is down and black is white? It's insane. You're insane.

I mean, if you want to defend capitalism then that's fine. But don't ignore basic reality. Capitalism is a pyramid system which exactly mimics the pyramid system of the Cosa Nostra. Money rolls up and shit rolls back down.

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If you are going to talk about Christianity, use the New Testament Christion Church instead of Jewish law.

Stop calling it Jewish law, you deceitful hypocrite. It is half of the Christian Bible. What kind of idiot ignores half of his own religion?

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You are wrong to play the race card, when NO ONE is talking about race.

You opened a debate about race you impossibly stupid idiot. That's why people are talking about race. Did you expect people to come in and talk about the weather?

Your idiocy is so vast it is offensive.

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Neo-Nazi Loser Brontoraptor Is Still Using Alts To Obsess About "Nom" And "Islam"

I thought Andy banned him for doing that.

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A person who will KILL others (breaking the law), will follow gun laws?

Are you literally retarded? Your "gun laws" say that they can legally purchase a gun, so of course they are going to follow gun laws. You are so fundamentally stupid that I feel all conversation is pointless. All you want is to force your INSANE views onto other people who have no interest in reading them.

A person who will kill others will obey murder laws? SERIOUSLY? Well, obviously the only solution (according to your insane opinion) is to legalise murder. We have to give law-abiding citizens the ability to murder murderers to protect themselves from murder, right buddy?

You're an idiot. Shut your stupid mouth and go away.

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Evidence is where there Dummy ???????????????

Eat the evidence you unkempt confederate butthole.

Donald Trump Rape and Trafficking Accusations

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Defend your great white hero for us now

Lol. The poor fool thinks the American Civil War is still going on.

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As a lifelong and dedicated Conservative, I just want to say how angry I am that these Nazis have taken control of our party.

Fuck Donald Trump and the horse he rode in on.

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He's literally too frightened to let me respond. What a hilarious little prick. LOL

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Keep it up Communists. We'll happily take full control of the country

Just like you did the last time. Remind me how that ended again? Who was it that prised Germany from your cold dead hands?

Oh yes, that's right. The Communists! LMFAO!

I'll kill Nazis all day long, buddy. I revel in it.

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How many Americans has the Progressive Mexican seen deported ???

STUPOR STUPID what Mexican progress is US Code 115? Is it in the smallprint you DUMMY?


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How is it possible to be “Deporting Americans” ? Where would an American citizen be deported to NOM ????????

STUPOR STUPID says what now about US Code 115?

The ignorance of the DUMMY is on fine display.


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Kind of like you did with your Marxist religion.

Hi Hitler. Since your brontoraptor account is now dead (along with the 20,000 points you fraudulently accumulated on it - LOL!) it seems silly to keep calling you by that name.

Who is the omnipotent deity in this Marxist religion of which you speak? As a deeply religious person yourself, you will appreciate what an obnoxious hypocrite it takes to falsely label a political ideology a religion while you simultaneously worship an actual legitimate religion. No sane person could ignore hypocrisy like that, so I think we can all safely conclude that you are far from sane.

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He's quite a bad representative for Jews, given that he's a science-denying halfwit who would literally swear that black is white. I'm quite sure the Jews would want nothing to do with him.

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STUPOR STUPID says what about US Code 115 now?

Where is the point of which you lack?

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I wonder if he genuinely is senile? That would explain a lot. Then again, is he even 75? He lies about everything else, so he's probably confused about that too. More likely he's a 15 year old that's been expelled from school and spends his days crusting on his mom's sofa.

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18 U.S. Code § 115 - (threatening to assault, kidnap, or kill a federal official or employee, a former federal official or employee, or the family member of a current or former federal official or

he Leftist considers "undocumented immigrants" as American citizens.

STUPOR STUPID, does US Code 115 say anything about undocumented immigrants? Why is the ignorance so vast?

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If you were in any way honest you'd change your username to "IAmARetard".

LukeBenson(2) Clarified
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If I am against abortion, it’s because I believe it is an unjustified taking of a human life.

But that just makes you a hypocrite. You once spent three days defending the War in Iraq, during which countless human lives were unjustly taken.

If I am for guns, that does not mean that I am for the unjustified taking of human life.

Perhaps, but what it does mean is that you will happily kill someone and then try to get off on a legal technicality (i.e. making it "just"). George Zimmerman, anyone?

If your gun murders someone, there are legal consequences.

Which obviously are not dissuading people from doing it anyway, or we would not be having this discussion in the first place. Hence, you are using circular reasoning.

Also, per your later post, there is no right for people to “do as they please”. Certain activities are necessarily outlawed in order to maximize Liberty.

Shut up hypocrite. What about my liberty to walk down the street without fear of getting shot?

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That's exactly what I'm doing, because that's exactly what guns are made for. Injuring and killing people.

Oh, but no. Guns are built for defence like shields and body armour and fallout bunkers.


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Because out of the thousands of brutal events in the world that happen on a daily basis, Israelis don't make even a blip on the radar.

So we shouldn't care about Israelis killing children because other bad things happen? That's nice, bronto. Only problem is you're a demented neo-fascist idiot and nothing you have ever said contains even a glimmer of truth. In this instance, let me quote the UN on the matter:-

United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians

As of 2013, Israel had been condemned in 45 resolutions by United Nations Human Rights Council. The 45 resolutions comprised almost half (45.9%) of all country-specific resolutions passed by the Council.

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Vice, earlier you banned yourself from your own thread, but you want to have a chat about education? Are you sure?

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No Joe. Come on buddy. There's quite a big clue in there:-

Life is a self-sustained

A fetus is sustained by a mother.

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Thanks for proving atheists are irrational.

Are you aware that you have banned yourself from your own thread?

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