Which type of debate do you want to create?

This is your chance to pose that burning question on your mind. Pick the debate format that fits best!

For/Against Debate

Create a For/Against Debate

For/Against Debates are for issues that can be broken down into two distinct positions.

The debate title should be framed in the form of a question and the positions should be neutral, reasonable answers.

People will submit arguments to support a specific position. The most convincing arguments will be voted up to the top of each side.

Points are tracked by side position and argument tags!

Perspectives Debate

Create a Perspectives Debate

Perspective Debates are open questions where positions are tracked by tags.

The debate title should be framed as a non-biased, open-ended question.

People will submit arguments to defend their position. The strongest arguments will be voted up to the top.

Arguments are nested and you can pivot by tags to narrow the field of arguments.

Points are tracked by argument tags!

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