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Winning Position: Hot
Winning Position: 500 POINTS... Finally
Winning Position: What is income equality, and should I support it?
Winning Position: Pink is Pink,Blue is Blue and Gay is Amazing...
Winning Position: Trump attacks 1rst Amendment.
Winning Position: Why would a Christian make fun of a mental patient?
Winning Position: If Pedophiles say they are born that way but will not harm kids, why not embrace it?
Winning Position: FW hates science and reason
Winning Position: Hillary Clinton asked to leave Costco for accusing Sample Lady of being A Russian Agent
Winning Position: Yes - Go home
Winning Position: Beto the fool speaks out again and the Democrats cannot shut the idiot up
Winning Position: truth
Winning Position: I am willing to support free speech, who wants to be unbanned?
Winning Position: California mandates all American Flags have stars of Anti-LGBTQ states removed
Tied Positions: but mein vape pen vs. truth
Winning Position: I heard Hillary and Adam Shift were making a TV parody based on their hatred for Trump.
Winning Position: Pot meet Kettle
Winning Position: Steven Universe is one of the best kids shows there is nowadays
Winning Position: Bad - Pollution and Cruelty
Winning Position: FromWithin made fun f me for being depressed. How classy.
Winning Position: Delicious healthy food
Winning Position: Best Way To Get Free Netflix Account
Tied Positions: But Mein Narrative vs. Facts

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