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It a waste of money It brings in money
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Are the Olympic Games a waste of money?

It a waste of money

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It brings in money

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It not only a waste of money. It a waste of space. And alot of other things. People get killed just trying to build the building, Not only that people get killed sitting up before the Olympic Games start. And people die just trying to play in the Olympic Games. I think it fun in all but we don't have money or the time to be doing something that big.

| Side: It a waste of money

It brings a bountiful harvest for the industry of foreign services and trade, introduces a better understanding between nations and promotes sportmanship between old rivals

A life of all work is not life at all. A feast with your neighbors is a part of human interactions

| Side: It brings in money
goodmale(1400) Disputed
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I guss, Your right it does bring in alot of jobs. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| Side: It a waste of money

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