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Criminals, Are they born Criminals are do they grow up criminals

I noticed a debate about wether Gay people were born gay and this question popped to mind so i was wondering what you guys thought. Can someone choose to be a criminal on the fly or do they have to grow up with a criminal mind.

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If you like men or women you can't help liking that.

To be a criminal you have to commit an act.

So sexual orientation is born into you.

WHile criminalism is of your environment.

Darcovian(19) Disputed
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I do agree yes it is environmentally based but the question that then poses me is there must be someone who passes their ideology of criminal intentions onto someone else and nurtures them to be a criminal. That to me seems like the there must of been someone who was born with the mind of a criminal if you understand what I mean.

Until they commit the act they are not a criminal.

your right i the fact that if you live in a bad home growing up and say a parent is abusive and drinks alot then you are more likely going to end up a bad parent and the cycle continues until a child or person decides to do something about it or is encoureaged by someone outside the family, but then if the abusive parents finds out and disagrees with this the childs life becomes more complicated

If you made being under that age of 1 year illegal, then yes, you could be born a criminal.

Darcovian(19) Disputed
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The same argument could be said about gay people as they have had no sexual attraction towards the same sex before they were 1 but it is universally accepted that they are born that way. Look at the pedophile example i used.

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And your point is?

Did they commit the crime before birth? No, that's impossible.

Are alcoholics born alcoholic? Are obese people born obese? Are doctors born doctors?

No - you become these things by taking some decisions in your life.

Darcovian(19) Disputed
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Alcoholics and obesity are seen as deviance more than criminal, i think somewhere around 70&#xof; crimes committed are by repeat offenders so what that says to me is that they were born criminal as it is something that they cannot help doing

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Again - did they commit the crime before birth?

Alcoholics usually become addicted because they had a rough childhood or reasons like that.

Obese people usually get obese by inherit bad eating habits from their childhood.

Criminals is the same thing - there are things in their childhood that affects them to think in a particular way. There are things in their childhood that makes them want to do stuff they know isn't allowed.

And sometimes they don't know that what they're doing is wrong.

Having a good childhood is SO important, because everything that happens during it will decide how you life your life and how you'll react to certain things.

A LOT of prisoners will tell you, that they somehow had a rough childhood. Rape, parents being addicted to something, one parent missing, both parents missing, one parent beating up the other one, divorced parents, parents with jobs that took up most of their time .. I could go on.

AR3YU0WHIPPE(72) Disputed
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after a long time alcholism can start to run in the family and it becomes much easier for some one to become addicted to a substance such as alchol

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Alcoholism doesn't run in the family.

Genetic diseases and disabilities run in families.

Also one other thing runs in all families, and that is behavior.

If your parents are nice, chances are you'll be nice too. But you aren't born nice.

If your parents are alcoholics, chances are you will continue their lifestyle, but you're not born alcoholic, because you didn't drink before birth.

If your parents are criminals, chances are you'll be one too, but you didn't commit any crime before birth, therefore you are not born criminal.

Alcoholism doesn't run in families, behaviors of different kind can be passed on from parent to child.

Well technically you can't be born a criminal by most or typical standard of being a criminal, you can be born prone to being a criminal, and if you factor in all circumstances, genes, neurology, etcerdera, you can be born to one day become a criminal. However to be born a criminal would mean being born while participating a crime. Unless you make someone's birth a crime somehow, no you can't be born a criminal, technically.