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Challenge Debate: Gender Identity is Determined More by Nurture Rather Than Nature

Gender identity is the sex on perceives they are, which may or may not correspond to their birth sex.
This debate comes down to if gender identity is determined more by nurture, which is upbringing, education and environment, or more by nature, which is genetics or hereditary characteristics.

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Transgender people have gender dysphoria. I have a transgender friend at my school, and although it's confusing at times, I still managed to respect and use the pronouns he wanted me to use.

I just wanted to say that you can identify yourself however you want as long as I'm not paying taxes for other people's gender reassignment surgeries.

You also have to wonder that if you were born as a girl, but want to identify as a boy then would it be right to medically be considered male like most transgender people want to do?

The girl who identifies as male could have breast cancer, or the male who identifies as a girl could have prostate cancer.... but since it's legal for them to identify as another gender they could be misdiagnosed or be "TRIGGERED".

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