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India needs to adopt a 1 child policy

India, a land that's 3 times smaller than the U.S and has a population 3 times more.

There's competition in every day life filled with people, I'm from here and it get's so suffocating, and it's packed with people below the poverty line who are illiterate and these people thus continue the cycle and procreate like crazy without really giving it much thought.

Life is hard because competition is high because of too many people.

Population is freakingly horrifying

It's getting very stuffy.


If we had a law which only allowed one child per family, I think we can control population to a decent level and get some breathing space back into this country. I think china did the same thing a few years ago. Reduce stress ,poverty, increase literacy.


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Perhaps, but it would be extremely hard to enforce. Look at China as an example. What would they do to people who violate the rule?

There are other countries that need to take a hard look at population control also, but humans aren't very smart when it comes to controlling their urges. Add "morals" and "right to procreate" to it and it will only be a matter of personal choice, like it is now.

the only thing you can do is OFFER Birth Control, and look where that's gotten us. Teens have access to BC but they still keep getting pregnant.

This whole world needs to take a good look at population control, but who are you going to FORCE into doing it? Are you going to force people to have abortions? Are you going to force people to get fixed?

Some people should not even be parents in the first place, but even that can't be stopped. How do you tell that to a country that worships life so much that they let cows run free in the streets?

India isn't the only one.

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If India adopts 1 child policy it will become first world country in 25 to 30 years, with 2 children policy, 60 years, with 3 children policy India will never be a first world country. Same is 100% correct for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar & other 3rd world countries. If all 3rd world countries adopt 1 child policy, in less than 30 years, they all will be 1st world with no visa, no passport & quite border free, loving, peaceful world; free of conflicts, hatred, crimes etc.

Just calculate effect of 1 child, 2 children, 3 children & up to 30 which Afghans produce for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc., generations & Your mind will blast.Population is THE ISSUE.

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People farming is never the answer to any problem. The freedom of choice is far more important than any consequence of it, and should remain so.

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The one child policy is a draconian, extreme, and simply horrible answer to such a complex issue.

First of all, it's not morally correct. Telling people what they can and can't do, in regards to such a personal matter, is simply awful. It's invasive, and it goes against any idea of human rights. Peoples choice is much more important.

Second of all, it's not the best thing to do to solve the problem. There's only an issue in the cities, rural India is deserted. Look at cities like Hong Kong, and then look at Bombay, and say that all other solutions have bee tried. More efficient urbanization is needed, and it's happening.

Finally, it wouldn't work. India's got one of the worlds most corrupt governments, and one of the least efficient police forces. With the 1.3 billion Indians, I fail to see how it would be possible to implement such a policy. It would simply be impossible to police, would cause so much economic inefficiency, it would be nothing but counter-productive.

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Please see my comment below .

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No, what India needs to enforce is fair labor laws that eliminate sweat shops along with a base standard of education for everyone, even should they be poor.

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I think you need to get aquainted with 2 concepts:

1. Population density (there are 32 countries having higher population than India)


2. Real population density (Based on food growing capacity)

India ranks 109 here! Here's a simple comparison

India has 48.83% of land which is arable and supports 753 people/ sq km of this land.

While Singapore (rank 1) has 1.47% of land which is arable and supports 440,998 people/sq km. )

You understand now?

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Birth control should perhaps be implemented instead of that, and maybe make abortion illegal or only allowed in some cases

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Massive birth control is needed in India. The parents can then decide for themselves if one child is enough.

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