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Is video game good or bad?

Is video game good or bad and how long we must play in a day?


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Good because it gives us entertainment after a loooooooooooooong day of studying in school.

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darshitdesai(30) Disputed
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It isn't entertaining at all than many tele shows like in INDIA THE KAPIL SHARMA SHOW & in USA THE BIG BANG THEORY.

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darshitdesai(30) Disputed
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IT may be ENTERTAINING for duffers who seem it that they are only in this whole world in the sense it says that it can cause disastrous accidents like it happened in the case of the video portable game POKEMON GO. This fucking game caused around 17 major accidents on road in INDIA ONLY and 2 of these 17 accidents were so disastrous that it caused deaths of two INNOCENTS who were NOT AT ALL playing the GAME.

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This the case of INDIA only then what about USA the origin of the game POKEMON GO, CHINA, GERMANY, etc.

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Also it is bad because you may get addict to it and you won't study.

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