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 It is not blasphemy to say that Yeshua was not born on December 25. (4)

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It is not blasphemy to say that Yeshua was not born on December 25.

For one, Yeshua is a Jew, so He was born according to the Hebrew Jewish calender. For two, the Bible does not back up your claim. for three, Yeshua was not born on December 25. I have provided proof of my assertion in my first comment.

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Who gives a fuck?

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Its not blasphemy its true its in the Bible you just have to figure it out and I've already posted it twice today and I'm too lazy to do it again so you guys can find it or read the bible and work it out for yourselves. If you can't I might post on this debate when I get home, no promises though.

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This is the reasoning behind Jesus not born on December 25th using the Bible and a little bit of logic (copy and pasted from an earlier debate I was involved in):

"Read your Bible and use your brain the shepherds were visited by an angel and told of the birth of Jesus whilst watching their flocks at night in the fields it is cold and wet in Judea in December, temperatures can go below zero and shepherds would not have had their flocks in the fields at night at that time of year, also the Romans would not have held a census in December as it would have been difficult for large amounts of people to travel because of the weather and the state of the roads, this would have been self defeating. Also John was born about 6 months before Jesus, Zacharias discovered he and Elizabeth were going to have a child during the festival of Abijah, which was held in June add nine months brings us to march. Take all this together making the most likely date for Jesus to be born September."

Even if we accept the hypothesis that he ever existed. It's quite obvious that December 25 was chosen to overlap already existing celebrations in cultures intended to be converted. Same as Easters has nothing to to with him either.

So sorting out which reference system should be used for event in point of time that did not happen or in least not at that time is quite pointless, isn't it?