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I am the best, the most supreme
my lyricism is extreme
what's more vivid than reality itself? My dreams
because my dream is the reality that I have foreseen
where the means
of production are taken from the hands of the fiends
I've achieved higher wisdom, the 33rd degree
I'm unknown to man, but best believe your gods have heard of me
I didn't choose to be born on this planet, I'd prefer to leave
but I was put here for a reason, to turn the sheep

into free beings
so let me ask you, do you seek sight or seek seeing?
cause' weak, fleeting
insights are insignificant to compared to continuously reading
the tides of experience so you can cease needing
knowledge to know, because the unknowable is knowable through deep reasoning
and knowledge is set, something for which you don't need to think
and what I'm trying to do is breach the link
between the mere ink-ling
 and empirical experience,  get my senses in sync

with reality itself
and this has nothing to do with wealth
I come to you with help
and you accuse me of being some stupid belch
 it's truly felt
and it's been so since my youth, and welp
that's why my rage is so deep, but I persevere through the realm

of insanity, so just know that my intentions are good
but my mind is just dark, and I need help just like you do
I used to practice voodoo, and sign pacts with my blood

I was a satanist, a buddhist, a christian, a muslim
I thought I found the light each time, I only found another conundrum
in the end, till' I realised that was the
very nature of sub-jective
experience, so I stopped believing, and started to come up
with possibilities endlessly, accept or reject none, such
is the way of the noumenon, the properties expression
is just a reflection
you dumb fucks
that's why knowledge isn't enough
for true progression

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Amarel(4460) Banned
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“But also everyone but me is super narcissistic. “

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You like to jack off so what !!!!!! You are a Jack Off any way ! You cannot defend any false position you take up but you are an Entertaining Idiot that when pressed for answers runs to it's Little Safe Space !

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Being proud of masturbating creates a real problem for you.