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From my point of view, people who are rich or have some amount of money are the most successful. Nowadays, we can buy everything if we are rich.


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I support your point of view! Stereotype was not changed. Even if look through 18, 19 and 20 centuries, we can see that people were rich. Wealth depended on money at all. More money - more fame. What is a situation nowadays? The same. People try to earn more money to be a person, even if it sounds awfully. It is scary truth.

Money became as problems solvers. There are some examples: you are ill, pay more money, because you will have more pills for recovery. You need a job, pay money-you will have a job, even on the high level, though you graduated from university and not have enough experience. You want to eat, pay money for products. What else...Everything depends on money. Money surrounds us.

On the contrary, success starts from money, but development depends on person's skills, does not it? As an example- you paid money and what? As well you paid, as you can be dismissed from job, because you did not anything at all and you are unprofessional. You should know that money cannot solve all problems. It can only facilitate, but the working process do not face with money.

People get used to think that easy money comes easily. It is a mistake. Easy money comes easily and goes away the same. If you want to be convinced that it is...look at Beyonce Knowles. She is R'n'B singer. Have a look at her concerts. She works hard, making a lot of efforts by physical activity. She uses physical efforts. Others use mental efforts, for instance scientists. Cannot they get money by making new innovations and discovering new things? Art and science are important aspects in people's lives.

Money can help us to succeed, but it also can turn us into predators. We should control ourselves and an itch for making more money.

2 years ago | Side: For
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Thanks for such perfect statement and supporting detail Zhibek!!!

Yes of course I am totally agree with you. Why? I know a lot of people who have different conditions of life. People who are rich they are successful. They pay for everything; for education, or even for their health. Why i mention the issue about health? Majority of us thinks that healthy people are successful. Yes it`s right. But we must pay attention to the fact that rich people are more healthy, because they pay for it; they can buy any expensive medicine in order to avoid different kinds of illnesses. Now what about the title of my debate "Money-success" or why i choose it? we must thing about the fact that we can buy everything if we are rich; health, knowledge and everything what we wants!!!!

2 years ago | Side: For
Zhibek-555(11) Clarified
1 point

Thank you, akmus9293, as well for your supporting my argument!

You have very interesting way of thinking.

Let me disagree with you. Rich people are not always healthier. Bad diseases cover all people, and do not matter in what level of social group you are. As i wrote previously, Middle ages were full of plague. According to the history, poor people fast died without any cure. But, plague touched rich strata of society as well. The reason of their survival is money, I agree. On the contrary, wealthy people died owing to plague. Money could not help them to last out. Even there was not a happy life, because diseases spoiled it. Nobody can buy health. It is not sold. Man can buy some pills, but not health. It is uncountable thing, even abstract. Situation nowadays is the same. From my own experience, my uncle died from cancer. He was rather a rich man. He had medical checkup in Israel. As we know, it is too much expensive. He spent a lot of money for his health, but result was hurtful. He left his footprints on the sense of this time and it is due to his good personality, not because of his high salary and companies he had.

Also you mentioned about people, who are well-known for you. Could you give examples of them?

I would like to focus you on various conditions of lifetime. Did you know that there are people who had a big amount of money and never was famous? For example, Dennis Ritchie. Or there are people, who had not anything, even pennies in their pockets, and now they are famous as much as they dreamed about it. For instance, Steve Jobs. Both of them died in the same month and year. Steve Jobs became famous by his production. As for Dennis Ritchie, he had deep knowledge about computer softwares a lot, but only a small handful of programmers know that he created C and C ++ language. It is languages for softwares. Approximately 90 % of softwares were created in C or C++ languages. I guess, nobody knew before about Dennis, though he had enough money to show himself in this world. It is social factor. Therefore, money can rise you to fame or get you down and everything depends on you.

To sum up, money is bills. It can change some aspects in our lives, but it is not a core, which can help us to held it. That is why, never be hunter-gather in searching for money. You lose your personality, even humaneness.

2 years ago | Side: For
1 point

I don't think that rich people are more successful, to my mind successful people are those who rich their goals. For example, writers are not reach, they have normal condition of life, however they are successfull because they are surrounded by public and in most cases they are loved and to my mind this is the real success.

2 years ago | Side: Against
akmus9293(22) Disputed
1 point

First of all, not all writers are reach or have normal condition of life. What about goals achievement? Yes in that case I am agree with you that people who reach their dream or life aims are successful. All of us dream to achieve our goals and become successful. What the word successful means for majority of us? Of course becoming very rich or have big amounts of money. Therefore, I think that MONEY-SUCCESS. Money is the thing, by the help of which we can buy everything, and even popularity!!!!!

2 years ago | Side: For
muboriz(27) Disputed
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Thats the point that writers are not rich, however they reach their goals without money and without need of money. I don't think that with the help of money you can buy everthing, because to my mind you can never buy credence of real good people. That is why if you are smart and strong you can be successful without money

2 years ago | Side: Against

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