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Ned Kelly- Hero OR Villain?

Simple: Is Edward Kelly a Hero or a Villain. This is assosiated with the essay topic on my exams, and I would like to look at some arguements Wink!




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Ned Kelly was simply standing up for his rights, the way he was doing so wasn’t right but his motive was. He broke the laws, but the laws were injustice.

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I personally think Ned Kelly was a hero not a villain. For some of use you are probably agreeing but for the rest I'm wrong. I thought about this over and over again then finally i made up my mind. Now i know Ned Kelly robbed banks,murdered people and was always involved in horse theft but think again, when Ned Kelly robbed banks he gave some of it to the poor and he ONLY formed the kelly gang because they had taken his mother (Ellen Kelly) to prison for three years for no reason.They had thought if they take his mother to prison she will speak and tell them where Ned and Dan were. If they had not taken his mother none this rad off had happen.

And that is why think Ned Kelly is a hero not a villain!

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he stood up for what was right and besides, the laws were injustice

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Ned Kelly is hero to my eyes because the problem was the authorities such as the police, who acted like that Ned Kelly is bad man for doing thefts and robberies, but the problem started from them. Ned Kelly was merely standing up for his rights because that time they where was a little discrimination going unto the Irish because of their background and guess what Ned was Irish so maybe he thought that no one would take action, so he had his own method of protest and showing who is wrong but still I think that his method was wrong but his motive wasn't wrong

| Side: HERO!
3 points

he was hunted by police because he tried to get back at them for arresting his mum for no reason

| Side: HERO!
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Dear Ned was both a hero And a victim.

If he and his family ahd been left alone by the police this wouldn't of happened and we might of had a good right of history. BUT the police would NOT leave him alone.

Also, he was like a robin hood of the time. He would give some of what he got from the banks he would give to the poor.

And other things but my laptop only has 2% charge so I have no time...

| Side: HERO!
2 points

besides, he was hanged as an outlaw- how would you like it if you were hung for standing up for what was right against unfair laws?

| Side: HERO!
CLARKEY34(2) Clarified
1 point

thats why you wouldnt stand up against the law by damanding things and killing people

| Side: HERO!

He's like the very definition of a bad arse rebel, so I love him :')

| Side: HERO!
2 points

He saved someones life when he was in his teens but he did rob banks. He robbed banks because he wasn't selfish so he gave the money to the poor and his family and friends.

| Side: HERO!
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He saved a schoolmate from drowning when he was 12 and his dad only died when he was 10. Also, he only killed those policemen to protect his gang, and when he accidentally shot Sergent Kennedy, he put him out of his misery.

And, in the Genrowan siege, he let the prisoners escape, because the police were shooting the innocent prisoners.

Although, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, the poor Irish loved him, the rich English hated him, so really the decision is really depended on who you are.

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I find him more of a hero than a villain. In his early years, he saved a young boy from drowning. Later on in his life, his friend had lent him a horse which was in fact stolen without Kelly's knowledge. This had got him unjustly arrested for a few years. Also, some say when Ned had murdered 3 cops it was mainly for self defense, as they came to him with guns and allegedly shot at him first...

Also, people had made up most of his crimes, and even made up things about his mother, which led to his innocent mother's arrest. You can't really blame him from rebelling against the law and such; he was the son of Irish convicts who obviously despised the English.

| Side: HERO!
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Ned Kelly was the only hero on Australia history confronting the colonial empire. It's was a class struggle with Britain colonialism that no many wanted to take part on it and today they sweep under the carpet. Him and his family were attacked and they responded.The accidental shutting of a policeman was the trigger for the hunting to presided. Saluted to the only hero of the Australian history!

| Side: HERO!
3 points

He only ever saved 1 life and took many. He chose to go down the path of an out law when he could have been a respected hard working man to everyone

| Side: VILAIN!
1 point

calling ned kelly a good man is an overstatement!he was a demander a killer,how could they trust such a horrible person,killing 3 officers leading his gang to there deaths stealing and making many inoccent people suffer ned kelly was a man of murderesism!

| Side: VILAIN!
WarHorse805(5) Disputed
2 points

Him killing the 3 pmen was to defend himself and his gang!

also, it says in the Black snake book he thought one of the men was holding a revolver. When he relised he had made a mastake, he put the man out of his misery by shooting him in the head, ending it quickly and painlessly.

| Side: HERO!
MagnumX82(7) Disputed
1 point

When did he demand anything!

He killed 3 police officers in defense of him and his gang and when were the innocent people suffering!

He was a HERO not a VILLAIN!!!!!!

| Side: HERO!
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Ned Kelly was simply a villain because of these dreadful things he's done.he saved only 1 life and took over 10!plus he was arrested twice for assault under the age of 17!! then he rode a stolen horse and was sentenced 3 years jail!! HE WAS DEFINITELY A BAD MAN/ VILLAIN!!!! soz i would love to say more (talkings my fav thing!) but my macbook is only 3% and it's going to di soon so c ya :) p.s thanks 2 the peepz who say he's a villain coz he's not a hero 1 tiny bit!!!

| Side: VILAIN!
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In Kelly's early years he became a disturbance to the law. When he was only 13 years-old he had his first brush against the law. Ned's neighbour had claimed that Ned had stolen one of his many horses. At 15 Ned became an apprentice to a bushranger called Harry Power. He resulted into getting arrested by troopers and spent several weeks in jail. After his release, Ned decided that the life of a bushranger wasn't much fun anymore and left. This may have been the best decision he made in his short life. Only three years later had Ned suddenly returned to his old ways again of horse and cattle theft. Most people don't have that willingness to break bad habits, they have a lot of excuses and talk like victims; exactly what Kelly did in 1877 'til his death.

Edward "Ned" Kelly was a cattle and horse thief, villainous murderer and bank robber. At the age of 23, he and the Kelly Gang killed three troopers (policemen) at Stringybark Creek. A lot of different reports of what happened had been told, but no matter the different scenarios, the results came out similar. Three troopers were dead. Two women were widows. Nine children were left fatherless. Do you really think a blood thirsty murderer and cash-obsessed bank robber like Ned Kelly would've been a hero?

Some say Ned was a hero for saving the younges member of the Sheltons, Dick, from drowning in a creek, but I say that one, small supposedly heroic act that someone did in their early childhood doesn't change the fact that he has done so many wrong doings. Ned Kelly will forever and always be the most feared, villanous oulaw of the 19th century.

| Side: VILAIN!
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he killed three policeman, assaulted many innocent people, ned robbed many banks, he made is family suffer with all the harsh things he was doing and even made is brother dan suffer and end up dyeing because of him and his gang

| Side: VILAIN!

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