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School Stifles Creativity


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It DESTROYS creativity. Current middle/highschool systems are a massive plague on children.

I couldn't imagine a worse, more clinical, lab rat style system.

I mean, they teach you in such a bland way, even though science, history, art and even MATH COUUULD be interesting, school completely stifles all potential.

Art classes are by the book, math is just memorizing formulas, science is memorizing facts and history is also memory.

There is no thinking involved, and for me, someone with horrible memory, but who enjoys thinking, there was nothing worse for me than this school system.

Proof? First science test of the year back in highschool, I blew everyone out of the water. Perfect A.

I ended up getting a D or F by the end of it.

School is a plague, and should be completely reconstructed to start with philosophy, go onto free-style art, then allow free experimentation, within safety limits, allow for study of animals and the environment, math should start in geometry. No grading WHATSOEVER. You should NEVER grade a child.

And history should be acted out. Instead of textbooks, children should act out important events in history through small plays or musicals, having already been given background in the subject.

This is just an on-the-spot creation of a new form of school, but even though it seems a bit flawed, it would certainly prepare a person for the rest of their life a lot better than the current system.

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If teachers don't allow students to write about certain subjects, then their creative is indeed being stifled.

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