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Yeah! I want some for my car! NO WAY! Terrorists Much!
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Should Nuclear Power Ever be Domestically Applied?

Ive always had an infatuation with Nuclear energy. Its so clean and viable once you get past the misinterpretations that surround it. By current estimations, Nuclear power could be shrunk down to the size of a Car Battery by the end of the century if Public opinion would allow its development. But there are way too many arguments against it, Right? Terrorism is the one that gets everyone. We dont want Nuclear Material waltzing around with malicious figures now do we? But just think of the applications once you drop the security part; Theyre Endless! Whats your stance on the topic?

Yeah! I want some for my car!

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NO WAY! Terrorists Much!

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Though I don't want it for my car, the issue you're outlining is one of safety. The fact is, my kitchen contains between 10 and 20 weapons, and electronic devices that (without packaging), could cause fatalities. We already take potentially damaging technology for granted, nuclear power wouldn't be a stretch. Should a piece of equipment ever require kilograms of uranium, you'd have a different argument on your hands.

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Well, I already Hold a Design Aesthetic in mind that only requires about 27cc of U, which is apprx. 0.5Kg. The Security issue I present is more so one of Public Acceptance, which you acknowledge. I dont think that a Uranium or Plutonium Car Battery is more harmful than the Lead-Acid Battery you have in your car now. Besides, its not like it can explode. Its encased in more lead and security measures than you can imagine.

Side: Yeah! I want some for my car!

I would imagine that no uranium product would enter the public domain without employing the utmost security. The argument I gave for kilograms of uranium regarded the possibility of extracting said uranium for mischievous or malevolent purposes, and that, would be the main concern. As I understand it's illegal to possess uranium; what would it mean for a drug cartel to invest a few million into your uranium devices, and extract the contents. Furthermore, the legal, military, and ethical complications would be astronomical.

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I frown upon nuclear energy because of accidents occurring with serious repercussions.

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I'll give you a story on why this would fail...

once upon a nuclear powered time there was a little baby called chaffy(futuristic name) he jumped into a nuclear powered blender and died


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A normal blender would have the same affect dude. And you seem to get the idea that nuclear (batteries) would be directly utilized inside home appliances. Thats not what domestic use means fully. It can also mean use in anything owned by by people in their places of residence, including cars, boilers, heating, whathaveyou.

Side: Yeah! I want some for my car!