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Should men and women be paid the same wages?

It is not often argued that women and men have different wages. I believe that everyone should be equally paid and not get paid more or less just because of their gender. 

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Pay should relate to work performed or services rendered, production really. For equal production any 2 people should be paid the same amount.

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Yes, if they do the same job and do the same quality of work they should. But if a women has a different job or does better work her wages should be different or vice versa.

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the only reason i should see fit to pay men or women differently would be if a man or woman was more qualified that the other. otherwise men and women should be paid the same, but not trying to contradict myself but women are able to use there bodies to attract a bit more attention an often more income with some jobs.

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It is discriminatory to pay men more for a job than a woman.

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