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Should the driving age for teens be raised to 18?

The age at which you can legally drive varies from country to country1, but in many places it is lower than 18. In some American states it is 15 or younger. Usually you are allowed to take a driving test a year or more before you can vote or drink alcohol. As young drivers are the ones most likely to have accidents2, from time to time there are calls to raise the driving age. In the past two years lawmakers in the US states 


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I think it should be raised up to 18 because nowadays we can see a lot of accidents in street who the victims are mostly teens.

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Cambriel(711) Disputed
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The victims are teens, but mostly, these accidents happen because of irresponsible adults who get drunk on their way home. No matter what age you drive, as long as you learn the right way in driving, then it doesn't matter even if you are lower than 18.

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In my view driving should be prohibited for teenagers.I frankly say that teenagers have not serious thinking about driving, they only have an admire to have a car and organising different competitions which results in crashing and peoples death.

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Actually, it should be 21. The age of 21 has more maturity.

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