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 The true story of Gatis Lagzdins (For Mingiwuwu's understanding) (6)

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The true story of Gatis Lagzdins (For Mingiwuwu's understanding)

Gatis was an autistic and slow-developing child, as I said your conclusion about him is totally backwards. He was a social outcast which is how he got into music counter-culture and became someone who hates the mainstream long before he believed in Illuminati or anything like that. Gatis as a youth was unstable, socially awkward and very self centered and shallow. I suspect he saw through the illusion of "right and wrong" before all his other thoughts and realizations pertaining to philosophy because his actions prove that before he philosophically articulated it he didn't give a fuck about it. Although he was not wise in how he used this knowledge and almost got himself fucked for life by needlessly assaulting his classmates.
Gatis, at the age of 16, stabbed 4 of his classmates after being influenced by a movie but only got two years in a psyche ward because it was blamed on temporary psychosis. This is when he became somewhat socially aware because he had to learn to fake being "normal" to get out. Afterwards, he was able to hold a couple jobs while he spent all his free time playing runescape. He became a master of runescape and started a youtube channel called "Kids Ranqe's vids" upon which he played runescape with alternative music in the background. This period of his life was characterized with him being a lazy loser IRL who was only idolized or liked by runescape players on the internet.
He started to notice freemasonic symbols in movies and in runescape at around the age of 22 and stopped playing video games. This was when "Sv3rige" became active and he started out as a fringe conspiracy channel with a few good ideas but mostly didn't know what he was talking about. To understand him, it is important to realize the sudden change that occurred at this point in his life. He had an existential crisis, and as a result became obsessed with figuring out reality despite having a low IQ specifically because as a child he was too unaware to be desensitized to his own curiosity like most children are. More than anything else, he was trying to connect back to nature and get out of the artificial box-world of video games and entertainment he previously lived in.
The fact that he was obsessed with virtual realities such as runescape is what helped him conclude that this reality is a simulation similar to a video game, in which the goal is to "level up" and ascend. Shortly after realizing this, he went vegan and it is that experience which lead him to hate veganism. He started having reactions to certain foods, went on a water fast hoping it would help him and ended up fasting too long and losing the ability to digest any food. It was during this fast that he was sungazing and saw "visions" of cavemen eating raw meat, and was eventually hospitalized and put on a liquid diet during which time he actually attempted to bite and eat the flesh of doctors and nurses. Afterwards he came to the conclusion that his visions and psychotic episodes were the result of lacking fat soluble vitamins, fat and protein from animals and from eating unnatural food.
It was then that he went on a high-fat ketogenic diet and a year later, at the age of 26 started eating raw meat. I genuinely believe that raw meat and dairy replenished his gut bacteria and cured most of his autism as well as his skin problems. In every observable way he has physically and mentally improved since he started eating raw meat.
There is obviously more to it, but these details are unnecessary. I know everything about this guy.

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You cannot cure autism because autism is not a disease but a syndrome that makes you lack social skills but gain intellect in a specific field or two.

I believe he has schizophrenia that was mistaken for autism. He is also blatantly a sociopath.

I am not at all surprised that he did that to classmates, in fact that sums very much up about him as a person. I have no doubt at all that his thug-like nature and mentality have been severely amplified by his diet.

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autism is not a disease but a syndrome that makes you lack social skills but gain intellect in a specific field or two.

Syndrome literally just means a set of correlated symptoms you borderline neanderthal. It comes from the Greek for "concurrence".

Moreover, autism doesn't necessarily mean you have heightened intellect. In many cases it's quite the opposite.

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You cannot cure autism

It's more complicated than that, because autism can be multiple completely different things that are all labeled autism. It is usually about gut microbiome being off balance, but sometimes (as is the case with me) you simply don't give a shit about or can't relate to other people even though you are not actually ill in any way. It can also be caused by mercury poisoning or various neurological abnormalities.

I believe he has schizophrenia that was mistaken for autism. He is also blatantly a sociopath.

I will give you the true diagnosis. He was socially retarded in an autistic way but without the geniusy part that you think is inherent in it (in reality geniuses are not usually truly autistic, but are perceived as such because normal people can't understand them and they are too bored with normal people to bother acting normal). He was also prone to episodic psychosis and fits of rage, which stems from very schizophrenic symptoms but it was an on/off issue that he no longer has and he never became fully schizophrenic in a permanent sense. As for sociopathy, you are absolutely correct. He doesn't care about anyone except on the level of enjoying them and using them and has literally killed someone but got away with it because he was underaged and experiencing a psychotic break.

I have no doubt at all that his thug-like nature and mentality have been severely amplified by his diet.

This is where we disagree 100%. I am starting to experiment with raw meat myself. How do you explain the fact that he improved physically and mentally in noticeable ways? His skin is clearer, you can tell by his speech that he thinks more clearly and has finally developed social skills for once in his life. Most of all he seems at peace with life now, and more stable mentally.

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I have noticed the change in you on here alone that is precisely indicative of you indeed experimenting with raw meat as of late.

He hasn't improved mentally; physically perhaps. The only reason he's no longer stabbing people is because he clearly didn't like the institution and what it had to offer.

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He doesn't seem at peace at all. He is a furious sociopath seething with rage at the cannibalistic elite he speaks of.