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 Truly the CD Personas in songs. (This is to do the person right) (8)

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Truly the CD Personas in songs. (This is to do the person right)

Note: This is how I believe people see themselves on here, not necessarily how others see them.










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Oh hey I like that song you put for me, I was listening to it yesterday actually. :D

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The animal song made me hard. Anything else?

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Hello M:

I listen to music for the melody, not the words. I'm sure I missed out, but I know very few words to very few songs. And, these days, they sing the words even faster.. But, I LIKE lil Wayne, Katy Perry, and that guy in your video.


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The one you used to represent yourself was overall the best, I'd expect nothing less from an egotistical butt plug. It was actually very good, not in any particular way but in how it used a little bit of everything. It was a very balanced rap that had flow, rhymes, etc. and none of which were done masterfully but every element was there.

Mingiwuwu(1779) Disputed
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How do you explain that so far everyone liked the song I chose for them?

Did you like yours or not?

DragonBorn(317) Disputed
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Did you like yours or not?

It was ok.


2 problems:

1. I'm practically deaf (which is why I prefer the written word ;) so I had to Google the lyrics.

2. I rarely understand the meaning of songs.

Please elaborate on meaning. ;)

However, the words were OK.

The music was pop?

Here's what I like: The MusicBox

Notice that the very first song on there is "One of these days" by Pink Floyd. The lyrics are simple, "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces." Now, then I compare that to the lyrics you posted, "Even though we're kicked out the party 'cause we both hate everybody" I guess it fits???

So..., I don't know ;)

Supporting Evidence: The_Music_Box (
Mingiwuwu(1779) Clarified
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You're a troll who both hates and loves other trolls. You pretend to like more than hate.

Probably 'Cause I'm an animal, animal-al ;)