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 What is the difference between the modernRepublican ideology and the Libertarian Ideology? (2)

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What is the difference between the modernRepublican ideology and the Libertarian Ideology?

Im thinking of becoming a libertairian but I really dont see to much differense between the fundemental Republican ideology and the Libratarian. Im not sure if I should change my party permanetly or, when election time comes, if I should change it in accordance with the candidate I most like. What do you guys think? Is there a big enough difference, what are they. What are the pros and cons of changing my party affiliations possibly every election?

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The modern republicans are not for freedom or liberty, basically.

They want to ban gay marriage and keep drugs illegal.

That's enough freedom-taking-away to point to the idea that they don't care about freedom.

If it was pure capitalism, WITH freedom, that would be fine, but they want to take away freedom, and then tell me I have to work very very hard just to make money. I want social and personal freedom more than economic freedom.

It's not as if innovation is stunted. If you want to make a company, you can do that right now. There are laws to try to keep things fair, to a degree, but yes, there is enough capitalistic influence that if you wanted to make a business or make things and sell them, you would be able to, if you had a license. Why a license? No idea, but that's how the system is and it seems to work, if you have a computer, internet, house and food.

However, it can always be improved by taking a step forward.

More freedom, more security if you do fail at making a business, and lots of incentives to make new things, not for money, but for society.

Communism fails, but if I could be guaranteed at least housing and food, even if all else went wrong, then I would consider my country to be excellent.

The level of technology we have today allows us to do things we normally couldn't. If we use this to our advantage, we could eliminate poverty, and still maintain a capitalistic innovation system which rewards people for going above and beyond.

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Libertarian is just Republican rebranded for the kids. Sure you don't care about the social issues, everyone should be free to do whatever... but vote, and you'll pull the lever for the guy who wants to start more random wars, will increase the rate of debt under some guise (probably war), give tax cuts to people who have enough money to last 5 generations, and put cameras in women's vaginas.

Until all these people who claim to be "libertarian" either actually vote libertarian, or split 50/50 dem/rep, it's not really any kind of ideology or movement, it's just people manipulated in a different way so that at the end of the day they vote against their own self-interest.