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Would The World Be A Better Place If Everyone Just Mind Their Own Business?


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yeah, if no-one gave a damn what everyone else thought about them and only minded their own business things like wars wouldn't happen. =p

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It would lead to peace in the world and neighbors would be able to get along with each other.

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Not necessarily, for there are events in history that favor both. For example, WWI and WWII, America tried and tried to stay out of the chaos in Europe and Asia.Well, that didn't work did it? And as a result, Europe, including Britain isn't totally conquered by Hitler, and the Japanese couldn't get strong enough to invade the U.S., which they were planning on doing.

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No. There is a time and a place for people to realize that invading someone’s privacy or questioning actions goes beyond what is necessary, and then there is a time and a place for people to speak up and not mind their own business. Where to draw that line is often debated, but there is clearly circumstances when it is best for people to speak up and not mind their own business.

For example, slavery in the United States. If people just minded their own business and did not speak up against injustice then the Civil Rights Movement may not have prospered.

Second example is child abuse. Often children are not able to speak up for themselves. Sometimes it is outsiders that notice something is odd and contact the proper authorities. The parents (or adults) who are abusing the child are not going to come out and state they are doing this, nor will they cease the abuse, so someone needs to step in and help the child.

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Not for the lady I didn't warn when that bus was about to hit her.

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Learning from others mistakes and successes will make you a success quicker. Pay attention even if they don't want you to.

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