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RSS NathanAllen

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OK what happened to your cousin did he have a traumatic relationship with a women. I am no insulting you. I am speaking my mind and if that offends so be it. I will apologizes when i go over board and I have not even gone close to going over board.

But yes their are some that do change over time granted that would be correct. And on the other hand their are gays that are born gay they never have had a attraction to the opposite sex. They have always had attraction to the same sex.

And if you want to get technical I will be.

I have a few close friends that are transgenders and I have 1 friend that is transsexual. And if someone get offended by this next argument than they can kiss it.

I find transsexuals to be more sophisticated and harder to understand than transgenders. I have had many fights with the one transsexual friend because they are offended easily.

Take talking about the very topic we are arguing about this would offend the hell out of them. But I can care less if their offended or not.

So lets get back on the correct track. Transgenders explain your reasoning for believing their mentally ill.

When i speak of the LGBT community you should always believe that I am talking about those from birth not change.

NathanAllen(1497) Clarified
1 point

But hang on! not systematically functioning as you did before You just said exactly what I was talking about!!! How on this earth does a gay change. I have never seen someone say their heterosexual one day and the next day they say their gay. Does not happen. Their either gay or not nothing changes so by your definition my argument is valid and true completely. And you know I am right because you would not persecute me as a red haring. I am not changing the topic completely nor am I avoiding the original debate. Transgenders do not wake up one day and say hey I want to be a woman.

I bet you have a PHD in "shitty ass arguments" and you say your smart if you were smart you would know that I am not wrong most of the time, I do my research and I know exactly what I am talking about in case people like you want to say something pathetic. I also have years of experience with people that deny the truth and that derail everything.

And red haring where in you're argument does it argue transgenders? No where exactly!

Amazing rant man... No truth and facts since your the transgender movement does the exact opposite thing - it exaggerates gender roles, and it basically preaches that you have to do surgeries on your body in order to act and be what you want to be.

Is completely misunderstood and misinterpreted. If you do not know what being transgender is and what being transsexual is than you need to stop.

A transsexual changes their sex organs and their body to fit into the body they feel like they are. And its the transsexual movement that pushes for equal treatment they in no way push for people to change their bodies are we would not have transgenders.

A transgender person does not change their dick to a pussy or their pussy to a dick. They simply change the way others see them through makeup and their voice they might take hormones to change their voice or to keep their voice from getting deep.

A transgender will sometimes get plastic surgery on the face and breast area, but not all do some use benders which are medically approved to compress the female breast so their not visible through clothing.

Nathan Allen LGBT+ activist...

NathanAllen(1497) Clarified
1 point

I might have been wrong on that part. Either way I do not like you being in any way related to or for the LGBT+ community. Change your profile pic.

That it is not a choice. And that Sintar is a total ass hole and needs to learn what he is talking about! And yes I use numbers to back my statements up.

So 41 percent have attempted or have committed suicide, do those numbers bother anyone here? No they do not according to most of yall. Because most of you think they need mental help and need to be the gender they where born. Do yall not see that therapy and the other shit is what makes that 41 percent possible.

And by the way before yall say I am in support of pedophilia, I am not for in any way of pedophilia but when you want to lie about people that do not have control over their thoughts than of course I have to stand up for them. Their are 2 types of pedophiles in this world the first are the ones that act on their thoughts and the second type are the ones that keep their thoughts to themselves and never act on them.

I will support the ones that do not act on their thoughts all day long, I have no problem with those types. And the ones that do not act on their thoughts are the ones that prove that their is not a mental disorder because if their was they would all act on their thoughts.

OK lets get this cleared since when has pedophilia been a mental disorder? Pedophilia has always been to my knowledge someone with thoughts and actions onto are about young children. And I am sure the brain science people would agree with my statement. Nothing is being changed with their behavior, once a pedo always a pedo. So by definition their is no proof saying pedos have a mental disorder because they have always had the attraction or thoughts about young children.

Same with homosexuals nothing is being altered in the brain by being homosexual the brain stays the same and you will think the same way like you would as being heterosexual.

DID you know that your point farming by posting the same thing twice on opposite sides? It is against the rules of the site you know.

And you say your gay!!! You are most defiantly not part of the LGBT community, You know why because you do not support transgenders. DO NOT tell me you support them because you just said Any MAN who thinks he is a woman is delusional and needs mental healthcare. That is not in any way supporting them. And I would dare you to try to say you do support any transgenders.

We should be on the same side of these type of topics if your a real LGBT community member!

Nice man, Because you yourself just proved a point! Yes you actually did bet i need to show you? Disorder-disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of. So by your very words you in yourself and everyone on this planet has a mental disorder. Anyone that gets into a car wreck and they have trauma and or a swollen brain they have a mental disorder because their thinking is going to be different than before.

And being homosexual is not a disorder also by your very definition. disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior If being gay was a mental disorder than something would of had to change in order for the behavior to be affected but wait, a homosexuals behavior nor thinking is affected in any way different than that of a heterosexual.

You can not and will not sit their looking all pretty and smart without facts. By definition being gay is not a mental disorder. And since when was this debate about homosexuals? It is about transgenders which also in definition do not have a mental disorder because nothing is changing their behavior. If you wanted to get on the topic of transsexuals than yes I would have to agree with you because transitioning does in a way change their behavior.

Transgenders change the way they look not their sex organs!!!

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About Me

"Let all the stress in life go and be you for once!!! Life is much better that way..."

Biographical Information
Name: Nathan Allen
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 23462
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School
Websites: The Student Room
LGBT activist

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