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Thoughts are thoughts.
Ought they be spoke ?
Ought not?
Dont thoughts,
even the ones that seem crazy ,
sometimes lead to bright ideas?

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A lot of people have a "fuck you" attitude.

But i believe there is two types.

Some people will savagely defend there position/stance in a debate, and risk being seen as having a "fuck you" attitude.

They will even tell you "fuck you".- these types i dont mind so much.

Then there are those who would not dare to say "fuck you"

These types i am wary of.- as they tend to have a regally fucked attitude which inevetibly says "fuck you" anyway.

But they are sadly, too proud or stuck up or unfortunately biasly misinformed to be able to admit it.

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Haha. True. Aggressive people can be annoying, but passive-aggressive people are worse.

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I've been reading the "The Culture" series of novels by Iain M. Banks (check it out, amazing series, amazing author). The novels are based around a group of humanoids called "The Culture." Basically, they've gotten technology advanced to the point that they can have whatever they want (planet, spaceship, whatever), they have perfect bodies (sexually, mentally, they have glands that inject pleasurable but not damaging drugs into their systems, and they don't die of natural causes), they have sentient AI, and they're an anarchy.

I think that this is the perfect civilization. No serious internal problems, and the ability to demolish/tame external problems. A lifestyle of living for EVERY person that wants it that is at the level of what a Hollywood movie star has. And, most importantly IMO, they essentially don't die.

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This is interesting. But something about it gives me pause: If nothing bad ever happened to us, would we still enjoy the good times? I mean what would we do all day? At least the struggle against entropy gives some impetus for us to do something from time to time...

Side: Anarchy and Post Scarcity
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The way that they keep busy is either by partying or by doing altruistic acts for less-developed civilizations. It's quite an interesting read, they're always finding some way to have a good time and stay entertained.

Side: Anarchy and Post Scarcity
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Yesterday i watched "Pleasantville"

That always gets me thinking that very same thing.

I am pretty glad for most of my experiences , shitty ones and all ,


Tho i do think we all look better in the various shades of black and white.

Side: Anarchy and Post Scarcity
1 point

YES thanks i will check it out.

"The Culture"

It sounds interesting.

Some of my doctors therapysts believe that i am one of these beings in which you speak off.

Except it is something in my dna structure. and nothing to do with technology.

That is a strange bizarre reality .

This ability to mentally, control my health ,heal , wieght , appearrance , highs.etc.

If you were to inject a sample from my hypothalamus gland ,(i think thats the spot)

you will experience the craziest ultimate euphoria.

Side: Anarchy and Post Scarcity
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There is actually a species in the book "Consider Phlebas" called The Changers that can modify their bodies in any way they want just by thinking about it.

Side: Anarchy and Post Scarcity
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I've been thinking and considering if computers could become sentient and self aware. I don't see why not. If we could program a computer to think exactly like a human, the only thing separating us would be that the computer's mainly made out of silicon, and that I'm based around carbon. It's silly (IMO) to think that carbon gives us consciousness, and so one has to wonder if we'd be able to create conscious computers, or even if the computers we have now are mildly conscious.

Side: Sentient AI
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Well not just carbon. Lots of materials arranged just so are what give us consciousness. This is an established fact.

So yes, there's no reason we can't build a conscious entity. Sentient AI is not a question of "if", but "when". The human mind is still way more powerful than a computer. And the software is going to be very hard to make. So it's still probably a few hundred years away, but it will definitely happen.

It doesn't make sense to describe modern computers as "mildly conscious". Mere complexity is not the same thing as conscious. Consciousness is all about the particular arrangement of matter and energy. I mean, if you throw down a pile of metal and pour some gas on it, you don't get a car do you? Comparing computers to the human brain is apples and oranges.

Side: Sentient AI
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See, that's my question, though, that's what confuses me. It doesn't seem like we understand what makes us conscious. There's no way to test for consciousness, and so it's difficult to assume what is and what isn't conscious...

Side: Sentient AI
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Here's a crazy thought....

I've had it before.... I even made a debate about it...

I really want to try eating human. I don't want to kill someone, or let them die to eat them. But hey... if someone died... I'd give it a try.

PS. I'm a little drunk. Dont' judge.

Side: Sentient AI

You do realize that there's a scientific reason why poeple should not eat people... right?

Side: Sentient AI
1 point

A little tipsy myself now.

So i should be careful what i say but

hey its me ,:)

Eating people is not wise.

Although i hear it tastse like pork.

So i guess itf you have ever singed your hair before or if you havent pluck a hair and burn it .

It does smell like burnt bacon , wouldnt you agree?

MMM yumm bacon rashers and maple syrup waffles.

Pork chops and apple sauce yumm

oh thats rihgt we are talking bout eating humans.

Side: Sentient AI

Does a lion violate the rights of a zebra when he kills it?

Side: Sentient AI
2 points

Does a dog violate a tree when he cocks his leg and pees on it ?

Side: Sentient AI
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So I often have the crazy outlandish thought that there must be a way for us to compel our "leaders" to fight one another, as opposed to assembling obedient armies and having them fight one another.

Side: Top Dogs VS Top Dogs
1 point

OOh good one

It does not supprize me ,

who this crazy genious thought stems from:)

Side: Top Dogs VS Top Dogs
2 points

I am the king of crazy thoughts.

I think about weird things all the time like:

I wonder if anyone has ever stared at that exact spot on the wall and thought about it.. .

I wonder how many gallons of water I have ever drank. ..

I wonder how many times I've eaten at this restaurant..

I wonder how many times I've peed in this toilet... there has to be an exact number that nobody knows..

What if raindrops could talk..

Why did I just knock that ant pile over? That's like a whole 9/11 to them..

Side: I wonder
2 points

I have litterally thousands of photograhic memmories of marks on walls , dents in passed street signs etc, so yeah i can say i know that spot your talking of. even if its not on the same wall ...perhaps.

The other thoughts .... i wonder about people like you and wether or not you are crazy or not.;)

Talking raindrops ,


they sing maybe ,

but ive never heard them speak.

Side: I wonder
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I love the insanity of its sanity.

Have you ever cracked up laughing at your thoughts when alone in public ,

People giving you wary looks as though your completely mad ,

which just causes you to crack up even more?

I love it when this happens to me ,

as my laugh has about as many sounds as my split personality has characters.

When i fully crack up , i sound like a laugh-therapy class etc rolled into one.

And it reallly hurts my guts so bad ,

but this just makes me laugh even harder at the thought

that laughing hurts.

Side: I wonder
2 points

What's the craziest thought of them all: That humanity has made it to the 21st century without having killing eachother to extinction.

Side: I wonder
1 point



I some times wonder about my fear of sink holes and as to how much Ants contribute to this "natural" disaster which seems to be occuring more frequently around the globe.

Ants seem to multiply at alarming rates.

And considering there there may be as many as 20 000 different species of ants in the world , i do wonder.

Side: I wonder
jessald(1915) Disputed
1 point


Sinkholes are caused by water:

If ants were causing them I think we all would have heard about it by now. I mean, there are people who make their living studying and/or working on them.

Side: I wonder
3 points

few !

Now i feel a lot better.

You see despite my fear of sinkholes and my odd suspition about ants having some hand in it ,

I loves ants.

They absolutely fascinate me.

I set up little mini restaurants with wide menus, for them outside and it seems to keep them content to stay out of my kitchen.

I think they are an elite species in themselves .

They are like little sample gatherers , or lifes dna profilers/generators.

ok yes so what

it should not be new to anyone here,

that i am indeed a little crazy.:)

Side: I wonder
1 point

Is it racist to prefer to watch pornography that only focuses on a certain ethnicity?

Side: I wonder
ledhead818(637) Disputed
4 points

No it isn't. Just as only finding the opposite sex attractive doesn't make you homophobic.

Side: I wonder
1 point

how true leadhead , how true .

just as couples ,

watching couples porn ,

doesnt make them bisexual.

Side: I wonder
1 point

While playing with my imagination, I often ponder that perhaps there are many places in the universe where as life forms reach a certain point of advancement, they invariably kill each other off. Perhaps no one is out exploring the universe because before (or shortly thereafter) those advances are made, they kill themselves off.

Side: I wonder
1 point


If i had your brain , I think ,it would hurt me to think.(This is not an insult)

But i will give it a try anyhow.

Perhaps , you are right.

Could Egypt possibly show evidence for reason to suspect such thought as this?

I cant recall where or what i learnt about this , but you inspire familiarities , from somewhere within my brain.

, so i really do suspect it is quite a possibillity.

Side: I wonder
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Don't take this the wrong way, I like you but I hate having sunshine blown up my ass. Not as much as I hate being talked down to. But never the less, If you agree with me somewhere, state it, that's enough.

but you inspire familiarities , from somewhere within my brain.

This is nice to read. Barge into my (immature) project and grill me about it someday. ( I won't hold it against you if you don't)

“The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone here and there who thinks and feels with us, and though distant, is close to us in spirit - this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden” ~Goethe

Side: I wonder
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Here's another crazy thought. ...Ive said this before.

It's said that one person can change the world. If that's true, then so can one abortion.

Side: I wonder
1 point

Regardless of my beliefs on abortion being a viable option,

I myself have too ,often questioned this.

Because in reality i really dont have the answer in absolute fact for if it is right or wrong.

Maybe im crazy , but i really do believe , that those souls that are aborted before the transition to human life form , inevitably get birthed to earth, at a later stage.

And i believe that this same "soul rollover" occurs , to a soul that is being carried via a human being that dies at any stage of its earthbound life.

Side: I wonder
1 point

This song jerks all my memories , all my emotions ,and all my thoughts.

CRAZY - Gnarls Barkley

I remember when, I remember

I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place

Even your emotions have an echo in so much space

And when you're out there without care

Yeah, I was out of touch

But it wasn't because I didn't know enough

I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?

Does that make me crazy?

Does that make me crazy?


And I hope that you are

Having the time of your life

But think twice

That's my only advice

Come on now, who do you

Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?

Ha ha ha, bless your soul

You really think you're in control?

Well, I think you're crazy

I think you're crazy

I think you're crazy

Just like me

My heroes had the heart

To lose their lives out on a limb

And all I remember

Is thinking, I want to be like them

Ever since I was little

Ever since I was little

It looked like fun

And it's no coincidence I've come

And I can die when I'm done

But maybe I'm crazy

Maybe you're crazy

Maybe we're crazy


Side: I wonder
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"When I was a kid, I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.

Then I realized that the Lord, in his wisdom, didn't work that

way. So I stole one, and asked him to forgive me."

- Emo Philips

What truth this holds about god , moreso than any bible.

Crazy thought?

I think not.

Side: I wonder
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I believe that Jesus could of existed,

Just as you and i , and millions of others do and have done.

I believe in good and bad.

I have spirits around me ,

and angels too.

I believe in "essence" "energy" and "matter" ,

and "something" , and "god"

I believe in "something" but i wont call it "god".

Now i believe

in and have faith in "something" other than "god".

Because "God" , i believe has been perverted , corrupted ,used and abused.

"God" of now , by whatever name,


I believe now represents the world governments.

My "something"

with no name to boast of ,

has never let me down.

I wish i had found it sooner.

Side: I wonder
1 point

TO "Fire" ,


UNLESS you would like to tell me my thoughts are wrong.

This isnt a big heavy serious debate about god , so if thats your issue then shame on you for being such a religoon !

Side: I wonder