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 In Prison, How Is It Possible that Fat People exist? (4)

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In Prison, How Is It Possible that Fat People exist?

In prison, everyone is fed the same amount of food, and eat the exact same food.  It's not like one guy can decide
to just eat vegetables and another decide just to eat fried chicken and pizza.   Everyone has to eat the same food, at the
same times, in the same proportions.  Yet, why is it that some people are still so fat (obese) and others slender?
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Too much food being provided to the prisoners.

Gaining, or losing weight is a simple mathematical equation;- calories in--calories out.

Eat more calories than you expend and you'll gain weight, or vise versa.

Providing these wobbling porkers with excuses such as having a slow metabolism, or a predisposition to being fat, is like giving them the key to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

There were no fat people in Auschwitz.

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The commissary. To reach 50 characters, I'll also say people have different metabolism.

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While it is 100% true people have different metabolisms, then I wonder why we don't see any fat people in prisons around the world. Does the U.S. provide too much food for it's prisoners? I'm not saying we should starve them but there must be a limit as to how much one can eat in prison, therefore you can only get a certain amount of calories. How are the fat people getting all the calories to be fat from? Calories just can't magically appear.

This leads me to believe that Prisoners actually get fed more than the average US person living at or below the poverty line. It must therefore be better to just go to prison and have food, shelter, and recreational activities for life in trade off to certain freedoms of living in the real world.

For example, the millions of refugees and people fleeing their lands due to wars, or shortage of food, or terrible living conditions would probably welcome living in US prisons where they can get well fed and become fat.

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Some people have different metabolisms others have a genetic predisposition to be husky or "big boned". Being a fat doesn't always mean you eat a lot, your body could be storing the nutrients and chemicals differently.

I think some prisons also have a store, of sorts, where inmates can purchase snacks. Now I'm not 100% sure on that but I think the minimum security prisons are more lax than max. Not all inmates are able to move about freely and exercise either.

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Successful cannibals

Constipation - holding it in until they get out

Secret medical testing

Smuggling contraband in their butts

Private prisons run by Hostess and Lil Debbie

Snitches get Scooby Snacks

Fools eating not just the cake but the metal files smuggled inside them

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