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It's concrete. I know there is a correct answer to every problem, even if that answer is "DNE" or undefined. Literature classes, however, are extremely subjective and I never interpret things the way others do. I just don't like being in that grey area.

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My thought exactly,

I hate English class. I don't have trouble with grammar it's just that I hate trying to find another meaning to some old text. I hate it when the right answer is based on the writer or the teacher's opinion.

My favorite math is geometry because it's something I can use more often.

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It's the only universal language (well accept facial expressions)

Astronomy and Physics are hella cool.

Video Games

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Math, yeah its straightforward. However, there's so many places u can make mistakes. I hav all A's in Pre-Cal, and i did well in taking both Geometry and Algebra 2 last year

However, even if im okay at it, i just hate having to go through numbers over and over again.

Seein the numbers 0-9 all over the page, very confusing

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I like math. Figuring things out, logicality, it's my thing. The world revolves around mathematics, and it would be very hard to operate anything properly, or have anything be organized, without it.

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I always find a trill solving all those stupid equations. And it's always good to see the results of a two-piece of paper equation in just single line answer. I also love English but I find Math more challenging. Plus we wont have a rocket science and all the marvels of space exploration without it.

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I despise math it is my worst subject ever. I am not taking any college level courses in math especially after geometry. I got 1 A on a AP geometry test and it brought me to a 69.5% on my report card and my teacher flat out refused to bump me. Lowest grade I have ever gotten in any class EVER in my life! I feel horrible and my parents will know soon enough. English & history are a breeze to me but math has and always will be a struggle to me.

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I have only gotten 2 A's on my Precalc tests all year long!

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frenchieak(1131) Disputed
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Haha... I know the feeling. I don't even know if I've gotten two A's in Precalc this year. I think I'll be able to turn it around, though!

But I still love math. It's so useful, and so... right! As MKIced said, there is an answer. Not like English, where everyone has an interpretation. Better, simpler, (to a point) and you can do more!

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