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My Efficiency is ______ and this is why:

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My Efficiency is 94% and this is why:

My arguments are often very clear, with logical ideas and thoughts, supplemented by evidence and copious insults.

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You bitch! How dare you!

Axmeister(4317) Disputed
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And you get lots of lovely upvotes from your atheist allies. I recently joined one of your debates and was doing rather well until your atheist chums started to downvote me for no reason.

Your arguments aren't very clear at all. You don't clearly state which part of the argument you are disputing, which would be allright but sometimes you ignore paragraphs, you also fill your arguments with insults and assumptions.

The only logical statements I've heard come from you are phrases such as "1+1=2" and "logic is logical".

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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Atheists populate a tiny percent of the world.

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93%! I can't believe it's that high???

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Sorry... I didn't say why... Umm? I unno?

My efficiency is 85% because I don't post real arguments and so..., on my debates, other people get the points. Go to almost any one of my debates. Someone else is at the top of the list. Ridding my coat tails ;)

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82% because people down-vote me for no apparent reason or they just don't disagree with me when I talk about Christianity and so they down-vote me till I am in the negatives.

I used to have it to 94% which I am trying to do but it looks like that's not going to happen because if I keep up with my Christian arguments people will down-vote me till I am -20 or more points.

But I will try to get 94% efficiency but it looks like that will never happen. :(

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My efficiency is 96%, I have no idea why though... Maybe someone can explain it to me?

Because we put you on a pedestal ;)

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Not really. I mean, I don't know what's in YOUR house Joe, but I don't think others do. :)

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It appears that you and I are the only two humble people on CD? Everyone else is just making excuses for why theirs is lower than it really should be.... Hell! Mine should be south of Thewayitis' as far as I'm concerned.

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93% because I have a knack for inadvertently pissing off Republicans and Christians through factual argumentation...

None of my non-factual arguments seem to get down-voted.

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86%. It would probably be lower if the whole down-voting epidemic wasn't fixed just a couple of years ago.

But my views are pretty damn extreme. So it would make sense to get down voted anyway.

in the words of joseph stalin: Ups and votes..... FOR EVERYONE!!

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my efficiency is 95 liek a bawse because excluding the "liek a bawse" statement my arguments show strong signs of linear thought and are rarely brainless blabber worthy of a downvote. Also when I'm in my pompous asshole mood I'm still a lot more respectful than others.

94% because some people don't understand sarcasm. I shit you not, I think 90% of my downvotes have come from me making a sarcastic comment, and people taking it seriously and getting all pissed off.

Yea, that's real fair, tch.

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96%, This is because when I first joined I was a bit over the top and unfair with my insults of America. However the only downvotes I've recieved in recent time is from the atheists in the religion debates who like to upvote/downvote a lot.

The only possible reason you could have to downvote someone is if their comment is spam or completely inappropriate for the debate.

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Not too good, because i am controversial..! People like to downvote when they get butthurt!

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My efficiency is 94% and this is why:

I don't think most people bother with my arguments; perhaps too complicated for the average debater?

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Ugh! 86%.

I was literally 96 or 98% at 3,500 points.

Some libertarian douche is down voting the hell out of me every time I explain that 0 government is a childish retarded idea. I suspect puppet accounts and too much time... which is odd because they'd need to be unemployed to have that sort of time and if they are they should appreciate the social nets put in place after the first Great Depression.

Then again, maybe it's a republican. It would be the perfect irony and completely expected that an unemployed Republican collecting unemployment would be downvoting a liberal independent contractor who pays a higher percent in taxes than Romney, for defending the unemployment he needs in order to afford the internet he's downvoting me on...

Fucking shit and no Republican I've ever met will even be able to keep track of that irony... well libertarians take note, and if it's you quit being a douche and stop downvoting me. ><

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My efficiency is 96%...because I don't get into too many controversial debates...I am ashamed at myself!

My efficiency is 100% because hustlin' for money is my swag. I'm blowing cash fast and the haters tryin' to copy that. You can't downvote this, you can't downvote me. Your like a like a dog you can't eat with me. You even mad that I'm stylin' on you?