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I've heard it said that we should take pride in things like our appearance, work, and other stuff like that. I've also heard it said that pride comes before a fall. Do we take pride in things or do we get rid of it altogether?
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Pride, like most things, is really only bad in excess. When you are so full of pride that you refuse to admit being wrong about something, even when to everyone else it's obvious, there is a problem. Take pride in yourself, but don't do it to an extent that makes you foolish.

AlofRI(2826) Clarified
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That might be called "Trumped up pride", it seems. ;-):-) ;-)

Mint_tea(4086) Clarified
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snort nice

Pride is when you have considered yourself ethically complete, which is a lie. Why? Because if we saw your thoughts we would all want you dead. Any questions?

Cartman(18192) Disputed
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We don't have thoughts as fucked up as yours.

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Take pride in things but speak little of it.

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Pride can be a good thing that still commeth before the fall. It could be said of soldiers that courage commeth before death as many have stormed beaches and hills to their slaughter. This doesn't mean that courage necessitates death. And even if one could say that their courage was one variable that caused their death, we wouldn't say that soldiers should abandon courage.

Maintain pride, avoid arrogance, and don't worry about the fall because there is a lot more behind it than your pride.