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Should Donad Trump Still Play A Mentoring Role?

I feel that Donald Trump still has a role to play especially in US-China economic affairs. Maybe a s a counter-weight?


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It is obvious that he can provide new perspectives about handling the economic might of China.

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goalken(6) Disputed
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Joe Biden could learn a lot from Trump ;)

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AlofRI(3263) Clarified
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I'm sure he HAS already. How NOT to be the leader of a nation, and how NOT to trust our enemies.

Biden must now find a way to shut Putin out of our intelligence network! I don't believe you'll be seeing many Russians in the Oval Office for a while .... unless we are ID ten TS enough to elect another Trump in 2024 and MAGA! (Make America Gross Again)! :-(

This is the result of installing "the best people" (rich donators that don't know what they're doing), in sensitive positions! Biden is installing experience in sensitive posts, like the leader of a nation SHOULD!

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I don't know how to make my smiley roll his eyes ;)

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Donald Trump NEEDS a mentor. One trained to work with children at the middle school level. :-)

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The basic definition of mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor.

That throws Trump out of the running to be one.

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