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This is why the left wants to destroy marriage


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So the conclusion of the video was that the restriction of traditional marriage is a requirement for a functional society... but provides no evidence on how this is true after complaining about a news "article?" misrepresenting marriage statistics.

So the point is that the left is trying to redefine marriage to be whatever... from a traditional marriage? But forget that mormons already keep trying that, or that biblical traditional marriage is between a man and his father-in-law's property.

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Nicephorus(132) Disputed
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The real conclusion is that the greatest threat to Communism according to Communist literature Is religion and religious concepts because the idea of God and being devoted to your family is a threat to the idea of the state as God. That's why they must try to distort it and eradicate it. It has nothing to do with their personal views of marriage. It has to do with their personal need to get rid of anything that threatens their own personal godship on the Earth.

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JoseAguacate(124) Clarified
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It's like inception. What does communism have to do with the current left or marriage in the US? Are there communist elected officials in power in the USA passing laws? Wasn't the US built on the concept of separation of church and state, and the country that invented secularism? I have so many questions...

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