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 What is the best response to sectarian violence, and terrorism in the Middle-east? (8)

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What is the best response to sectarian violence, and terrorism in the Middle-east?

Open-ended question. Thoughts, opinions, questions?
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As long as we have religions we will have sectarian and racial violence. WE should do our best to protect the innocent, and let the others fight it out. It's been going on for centuries, the only ones that can put a stop to it is themselves. Every time WE get into it we make it worse by trying to make THEM live the way WE think they should.

Humanitarian aid makes friends, when different religious ideas collide, it makes enemies.

Sit around a campfire, roast eye of newt, topped with cream of yak and sing kumbayallah?

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you got some addler's fork in that brew? I'm game!

There's plenty to go around, help yourself.


I feel it has to be one of containment. The west should seal it's borders tight as a drum and prohibit Muslim immigrants until they have achieved a level of enlightenment which will qualify them to be allowed to merge with other, non Muslim civilized society. The warring Muslim terrorists, with their barbaric religious laws such as genital mutilation and the stoning to death or beheading of anyone who insults their paedophile prophet Mohammad, must be left to fend for themselves and find their own level without interference from the west and without them being allowed to slaughter our citizens on the streets of Europe and America.

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Kill all the Jews and Christians and then the Muslims can all hold hands and be happy and peaceful forever.

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When you end this campaign of capriciously banning debaters on your debates simply because you don't like what they have to say, then you will be allowed on my debates. The other shoe has just dropped.

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God has chosen to have you banned for being a knucklehead, knucklehead.