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 What is the funniest movie that you have ever seen (11)

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What is the funniest movie that you have ever seen

Any comedy movie, animated or reality
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i find Superbad suprisingly funny [;

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The funniest movie that i ever saw was Dogma. I especially liked it because Alan Rickman played The Metatron. Dogma was about a woman named Bethany who is the descendant of Jesus Christ and she had to stop two fallen angels ,Loki and Bartelby, from entering a church thus destroying all existence. That movie was hysterical but i doubt that many religious people watched that movie because it seemed rather offensive, it said that god was a women and Jesus was black.

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I think the funniest movie ever is Caddyshack. There are so many one liners that even to this day are still hilarious. Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, what an unbelievable cast!

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Bill Cosby himself.

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Caddysahack> Love the gopher and well let's sjut say that is one really messed up golf course by the end of the movie. It also shows how bad snobs can be.

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Caddyshack is not only the funniest sports movie, but it is the funniest movie of any movie.

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it came out with things like

"the night is a very dark time for me."

'it's dark for everyone, moron.'

"not for Alaskans, or dudes with night vision goggles!"


"whoever invented rope was a real a-hole!"


"for about a month my urine smelled like marshmallows."


"you've been practicing."

'yeah. Chazz taught me some stuff.' (that line came from jimmy)


'SNOWFLAKE!' after snowflake got shot with a crossbow


"and this is my brothers new girlfriend. and she is not a hoar!"

and things like Jimmy & Katie's really awkward kiss...

or when chazz was coaching jimmy asking Katie out on a date.

it is an all round AWESOMELY FUNNY MOVIE!

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I just watched superhero movie ,it was so hilarious. i especially liked it because my favorite actor ,Robert Joy, played Stephen Hawking in the movie

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Surf Nazis Must Die

Good call on Dogma, intelligent humor

Someone has to say Animal House though

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The Gods Must be Crazy.

That and Bill Cosby himself (but this is more like stand up than an actual movie).

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"As Good As It Gets" Jack Nicholson is the best! And him with Helen Hunt in this movie, none better...

Jack as Melvin Udall
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