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Why would God make me a lesbian?


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Why would God make me a lesbian?

Hello T:

God knows how much men enjoy watching women pleasuring each other.. That's certainly reason enough.


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I certainly don't know. Most think this "God" has a reason for everything he does. Why, then, would he "create" something that many of his OTHER creations would hate?? Is He a God that enjoys spreading hate and discontent? Are the haters SUPPOSED to hate? (Wait for it …. here it comes …. ;-)

I say let people love who they want to love. There's enough hate in the world some say HE created. There's TOO MUCH hate in the religions He created. That's why I wont join one. :-)

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Lesbians are simply women who see the beauty and hotness that most men see, much like gays are simply men who see the beauty of massive pulsating cockmeat. As a bisexual male I think everyone is missing out except for us, because we can see the full spectrum.

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Will you kindly stick to the same account so I don't confuse you with Bronto?

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Marshall(18) Disputed
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It's not my fault you're too stupid to tell the obvious difference.

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