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Youth Need a New United Purpose

A common cause.  Humans need that like they need water!  A NEW Misiah.  Yes his is the he POST HUMAN era.  The old law has run out of relevance 


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Keep aimlessly roaming

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A common cause.

I agree, the common cause should be to exterminate the jews.

Humans need that like they need water!

The jews don't, they aren't humans.

A NEW Misiah.

I disagree there. That's what the jews said. "we don't like jesus, we need a new messsieah."

Yes his is the he POST HUMAN era.

Soon the humans will be replaced by a superhuman race known as "uber-menchin" The old law has run out of relevance

It's time to rape the jews with a cactus in their butt holes

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Wow. People call me a Nazi because I believe in nationalism 😯

This guy sounds like Hitlers ghost!

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The youth will have to start by pulling their heads out of their phones and their asses.

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No. This doesn't apply exclusively to the youth either. It's nice to hear that the human race wants progression, but it's simply not the whole truth. We're selfish. We want consumerism. Entertainment. Relationships.

For the sake of progression, a united purpose is a good idea (though how you would encourage or enforce it is beyond me), but very few really want progression, clearly.

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If a person proclaims a general lack of sense of purpose, they are more likely expressing a personal issue rather than a social one.

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